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Week 27/11: Settling

18 days in and I have slowly gotten more familiar with the new workplace, for instance:

  • Knowing how the computer worked (typing “command + C” as opposed to “control + C” if I want to copy a phrase in the document);
  • Knowing the places that each unmarked door leads in the maze-like layout with the long corridors (the building used to be a factory);
  • The limited lunch options and the in-house cafe that’s rather expensive (but a life-saver for the rainy days);
  • The concept of the “smart casual” work attire all day, everyday. “Smart casual” is a misnomer here, this phrase translates better into “come whatever you are comfortable with”. I have seen co-workers dressed up to the nines in their maxi-dresses, or constantly pushing the boundaries of workplace dressing, complete with bermudas, grubby T-shirts and thong-slippers. No one bats an eyelid as to what you wear. It’s liberating, this freedom.

But I’m not yet in that comfort zone, where you can know instinctively how to react to emails and situations. A new colleague (who’s been around for the past 6 months) assured me that it took her a long time, around 3-4 months to get used to the working culture here, whereas it usually takes around a month or less in her other workplaces.

Oh deep breath, exhale – I’m not such a laggard after-all.



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Week 26/11: 静能生定,定能生慧

That was the advice given to me by the new boss when we had our 1-on-1 discussions re. expectations etc. She said, “静能生定,定能生慧”.

Epiphanies and solutions will come when your head and your attitude is calm.

**There must be a better english translation that what I have written.


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Life with a Law Student: Doctrine of Proportionality

In law, there is the “Doctrine of Proportionality” – where any measure that is adopted should not have any greater effect than what is necessary to achieve its intended objective.

Not so in real life.

Our coexistence with the birds* has reached a “containment” (to use a Cold War term) phase. We are arming ourselves with the “Super Soaker Tornado Strike”  (under the Lethal Weapons Section in Toys R Us) to scare them off.

Note*: The original 2 baby pigeons have grown up and flew off, but the pigeons are refusing to leave. They are coming back with more twigs to build a bigger, better nest. Just this week, we had to clear off a dead decomposing baby bird in its nest. 


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Week 25/11: Brain Freeze

I left my old job on Thursday and started at my new job on Friday.

I ended Thursday with a client meeting that lasted till 4pm; no lunch; hurriedly returning the laptop; rushing to human resources to get my last pay cheque and a farewell dinner with the ex-colleagues.

I started Friday with 2 meetings with new colleagues; attempting to get the new computer working on my own (including setting up the email account and downloading all relevant applications – nope the computer do not come preloaded); trekking through an open field to get to lunch under the hot sun and just figuring my way around the building.

No decompression zone.

It’s somewhat similar to jumping straight into a cold icy pool without any warning, or when you drink a slurpee at too fast a pace.

I’m still having a brain freeze, but I tell myself “Keep Calm and Dive On.”

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