Week 19/11: Birds

I have an irrational fear (and dislike) of birds.

It’s most unfortunate then, that a family of pigeons have decided to make my air-con ledge their home.

It started with Mr. Cinical pointing out the 2 eggs on the ledge.

They hatched and out came 2 baby pigeons. They were the ugliest things I have ever seen, big beady eyes, rough skin pink with bits of black feathered fluff. They have not learned to fly, so they wandered around the ledge all day, stretching and flapping their wings. They chirped (rather loudly) for food in the morning and evening. Their parents (an all-black one and a green-necked/grey one) stand guard all afternoon on the ledge, occasionally flying off to forage for food.

The chicks used to be afraid of me, running to hide behind the air-conditioner whenever I go near. They have since grown braver and our relationship evolved into an uneasy tension. I’m afraid they will fly into the house (anyone seen/read Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds?) and they are afraid that I might throw a clothes peg at them.

I can’t wait for the chicks to grow up and fly away. I can’t stand the thought of my ledge being their permanent home. And horror, what if they think they are house-pets and they see me as a landing pad?

But as with all relationships, the uneasy tension has now become grudging acceptance. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, when there was thunder and lightning, I found myself wondering how those chicks will survive in a thunderstorm. I caught the adult pigeons cooing and pecking each other affectionately on Sunday afternoon and I smiled to myself.

It’s conflicting, I know. But I think I will miss them (just that little bit) when they finally leave.



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3 responses to “Week 19/11: Birds

  1. This picture, which I saw today, is just for you 🙂


  2. I think I saw them today outside my living room window! They are so ghastly!! Even Rusty got scared

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