Life with a Law Student: Doctrine of Proportionality

In law, there is the “Doctrine of Proportionality” – where any measure that is adopted should not have any greater effect than what is necessary to achieve its intended objective.

Not so in real life.

Our coexistence with the birds* has reached a “containment” (to use a Cold War term) phase. We are arming ourselves with the “Super Soaker Tornado Strike”  (under the Lethal Weapons Section in Toys R Us) to scare them off.

Note*: The original 2 baby pigeons have grown up and flew off, but the pigeons are refusing to leave. They are coming back with more twigs to build a bigger, better nest. Just this week, we had to clear off a dead decomposing baby bird in its nest. 



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2 responses to “Life with a Law Student: Doctrine of Proportionality

  1. If you want to keep the pigeons away, I’ve always heard that plastic owls can scare them off. But you have to move it regularly otherwise they’ll catch on. Also, you could try clearing out the nest and putting petroleum jelly where they land and sit, they don’t enjoy that much.

    • Cinical

      Thanks Mozes,
      I have also bought a bird repellent to spray on the airconditioner ledge. So far, it has been working. 🙂

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