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Airport Announcements

AirportsOn Airport announcements – I’m not sure whether I should be simplistic and attribute this difference to East vs. West.

  • Most Airports in Asia: “This is the final boarding call for Mr. X. Please proceed to Gate 123 for boarding immediately”
  • Amsterdam Airport (which I just transited in): “Last call for Mr. X, you are delaying the flight. We will proceed to offload your luggage immediately.”

Image from NY Mag


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Cin’s Newsdesk: World Peace


The Nobel Peace Committee has awarded Obama the Peace Prize 2009, not for his achievements, but for bringing hope for mankind. An aspirational win.

This will certainly bring much hope to aspiring beauty queens looking for another contest to compete in. Yes, the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, at least they would not have to relearn their inspirational phrase of “I hope for world peace”.

Credits: Sascalia

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