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What Drives You?

Alice ArrowsWhat drives you? What motivates you? What makes you wake up every morning to go to work? And what’s beyond the day-to-day routine?

Yeah, questions of existentialism have hit. Finally, after 7 months of a new job.

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The Run


“What’s amazing isn’t that you finished. What’s amazing is that you had the courage to start.”

And that’s what’s the inscription on the free gift of the Nike bracelet said. The bracelet is given to all who completed the race today.

I’m 13 seconds off my stretch target of 40 minutes for 5km.

Probably an average timing for many, but I am pleased all the same.

For the reason that I kept a steady running pace for the entire journey without stopping to walk, as much as I wanted to.

It also taught me the value of perseverance and mental strength, of pushing yourself just that bit more, but still not letting the rat race get to you (i.e. when everyone is overtaking you and running much faster than you possibly can).

I think I might do another race. 🙂

Credits: Etsy

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Getting a Shot at a Shot….



Dedicated to my friend, The Muffin Man who tried…

I’ll see you on The Satorialist one day. 🙂

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Wondering: Is it possible to be materialistic but not be motivated by money?

Credits: Etsy

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Arms & Legs


Sotomayor Injury

Completely random & made-up thoughts of Hillary Clinton (US Secretary of State) and Sonia Sotomayor (US Supreme Court Justice Nominee)

“Who knew you have to break an arm and a leg to get pass that glass ceiling?”

PS: Inspiration from Huffingtonpost & origins of the phrase “arms & legs” here.

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9-layer cake

9 layer cake

Someone in the office treated us to the nonya 9-layer cake today.

When I was younger, I used to peel and eat it layer-by-layer. It was great fun! I still do.

I thought I was the only one who eats 9-layer cakes in that manner, until I saw all my colleagues doing the same.  Ahh, conventional. 🙂


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In what situations do you give the benefit of the doubt? And when do you take things with a pinch of salt?

Is there such a thing as a realistic optimist, which I see as a combination of the above 2 concepts?

PS: Yah, I’m in that kind of mood where I just want to curl up under my blanket. The rainy weather isn’t helping either.

Picture Credits: Theblackapple

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