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Play Me, I’m Yours

Play Me, I’m Yours project, where street pianos are launched in various places along the cities, inviting everyone to play a tune or two. And even to decorate the pianos. 

 The Sydney leg was launched in January 2009.


Oh, how I miss Sydney…


Circular Quay

market-cityMarket City (Chinatown)

opera-houseOpera House


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Vogue’s The September Issue

As the wealth on Wall Street and Main Street emptied out, they seem to be pouring into Hollywood Boulevard & Fifth Avenue. Hot on the heels of hot TV shows, “Stylista” & “Project Runway”, and movies such as “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and “Cocoa Avant Chanel” comes a new documentary on the making of the September 2007  issue of Vogue, staring Anna Wintour as herself, slated for release in September 2009 (of course, what do you expect?)

The documentary won the Grand Jury Prize for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.


As Wintour says of the film “It’s hard to look at yourself when you’re used to being on the other end of the camera.” I’m not sure if she liked what she saw, or how she was potrayed. 

In some ways, it also makes you wonder – who are we really, when reflected in another’s eyes? Are we the flightly cheery individual? The serious professional? Or the whining spoilt brat? One individual, so many perspectives.

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Bags fit for a recessionista


…especially for one that loves a little tongue-in-chic. 

I like quirky eco-bags. And yes, of course I was on the “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” bandwagon. 

Available at Bag Ladies

Hmm, will anyone help me get these from Sydney? 🙂





I will like to see some eco-bags that reads something along the lines of:

  • Not flying Business, but Coach 
  • Blueberries, not Mulberry
  • Saving for some Jimmy Choos
  • Next best thing after a Miu Miu
  • Call a (Kate) Spade a spade
  • As simple as DKNY
  • Fendi Fendi, quite contrary
  • Neither a Gucci or a Pucci be…

Hmm, maybe, I can start printing these myself, and can I say that thinking up slogans is way more fun than work… 🙂

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Onto Screensavers

After word-clock, I found another perfect screen saver for my pink Sony Vaio. 

I am unapologetically “match-y match-y” when it comes to color. 


At Paul & Joe, first discovered via Fashionation

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Word Clock

The coolest screen saver ever. Word Clock displays time by highlighting appropriate words as each second passes.

Ingenuity in simplicity. I like.

Available for download at Simon Heys, first discovered via Wordie



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Pippi Longstocking


There is a sign in a shop window in the small town where she lives that reads, “DO YOU SUFFER FROM FRECKLES?” Pippi doesn’t. She is not interested in the anti-freckle cream on offer but nevertheless goes into the shop to make her position clear.

“No, I don’t suffer from freckles,” she declares.

“But my dear child,” says the startled assistant, “your whole face is covered in them.”

“I know,” says Pippi, “but I don’t suffer from them. I like them. Good morning!”




When I was a kid, I used to love reading Pippi Longstocking stories. Pippi – the strongest girl in the whole world, who could carry horses, had her own money, was assertive, witty and unconventional.

I had totally forgotten all about her until Mr. J and I were talking about random things like whether he like women with red hair and freckles. Apparently, he read Pippi Longstocking too and he’s Austrian. We are more similar than we are different and it’s these little things (like a shared childhood storybook like Pippi) that ties people from all over the world together. 

Oh, and isn’t this Pippi wearing the cutest outfit?

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My Own Library

Everett Rogers wrote in the Diffusion of Innovations (1962) that innovations will spread through a market in a S-manner, with the early adopters using the technology, followed by the majority, before that particular technology reaches a mature stage. This idea applies to not only technology, but also applies to many facets of life, including a social trend (e.g. facebook), consumer goods (e.g. fashion trend) etc. 

In the area of electronic gadgets, I have never considered myself to be an early adopter. I probably would not even qualify as the “majority”, but rather more like the laggard. 

My first handphone was at 21 years old and my first camera was a year ago when I was 29. I bought my laptop because it was pink in color and I have never actually own a MP3 player, the current Ipod (2nd generation) was a hand-me-down. And oh, please never ever ask me how to operate the DVD player.

So I was pretty surprised to find myself “lusting” over some pieces of electronic gadgets recently, namely the Prada LG phone and the potential of a Nintendo DS Lite to be converted into a mini-netbook. 

My new lust item – The Amazon Kindle 2

The electronic book reader that’s light as a feather (10.2 ounce) and holds 1500 books that you can bring along everywhere. I am hooked. I can now build a personal library, without the need for a physical space and I can bring them along wherever I go. 🙂

I think I have figured out why I like these items. Rather than adding some complication into my life, these new technology/gadgets fill a want and/or need that I have, making the daily grind of life easier to go by.  








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