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Surfing for some cheap air tickets when I saw this advertisement on Tiger Airways. Made me laugh.

I want  (correction: need) a break. 


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2009 in Review: Part 1 (Journey Round the World)

It’s the time where we looked back on what we have done for the past year. The joys, the laughter, the emotional lows and highs all captured via my Facebook status updates in 2009. These carefully crafted and selected status made me smile. Great memories!

Presented in 6 parts : (i) Journey Round the World, (ii) Food/Drink & Some Chilling, (iii) Things that Run on Batteries,  (iv) My wardrobe, my Body and I, (v) Cinical’s Cinicism (vi) Milestones & Looking Ahead.

Round 1, here we go: Journey Round the World!

  • is thinking where to go on holiday. Max 4 hours flight radius and 4 nights stay. Suggestions please.:)
  • has settled her holiday destination. It’s Kochi (India)! 🙂
  • is off to Kochi, armed with Sanjeev Bhaskar’s India travel anthology, a sense of adventure and oh, a strong tummy.
  • enjoying Kochi still! Indian trains are fun, especially the non-air-conditioned, cheapest kind. 🙂
  • is crossing fingers that H1N1 will be contained in China, lest it screws up her travel plans!
  • Pit-stop: Shanghai/Xi-an, China Roadblock: Do NOT spend all your money for this leg of the race at Hong Kong Airport. You have 2 hours for this challenge.
  • has not enough money for capitalist china, particularly under the bad influence of Ms. F. LOL…
  • basically went shophaholic-nuts @ the evil evil fabric market of Shanghai
  • managed to immerse herself in the capitalist glitz of Shanghai, enjoy the simplicity of the rural Chinese village, do some hiking in the Hua Mountain and learn about the historical terracotta warriors! Oh, and eat like a cow (with 4 stomachs, I mean).
  • Oh man, google reader is blocked in China… must be the clamping down of internet access before the anniversary of Tiananmen….
  • is flying back… with luggage much heavier than before. Oops.
  • needs another holiday to recover from her last…..
  • is charmed by quaint Malacca…
  • All roads lead to Rome (literally), and so begins the 2 month countdown to La Dolce Vita! Fingers crossed! 🙂
  • and friends are off to Italy for 2 weeks of budget indulgence in art, architecture, food and wine. Italian men they ain’t interested in, but let’s wager how soon they will succumb to the temptations of Madame Prada and Miss Miu Miu.
  • likes listening to soppy love songs on long train rides, meandering through europe’s countryside
  • la dolce vita is starting with good coffee and ending with good wine, with scoops of gelato in between
  • reality bites – woke up in the middle of the night, jet-lagged, realizing that I have forgotten the log-in password for the work computer.

Kochi, Shanghai, Xi-an, Malacca and Italy for holidays in 2009. With rides in rickety Indian trains, exploring quaint Malacca towns, motorbike rides in rural Xi-an villages, spending way too much money eating and drinking in Shanghai and many parts of Italy, it’s not a bad list. In fact, very good. 🙂

Hopefully 2010 will be another fruitful year of travel.

1st trip for 2010 already planned. Siem Reap in January! Woo Hoo! And hopefully, *cross fingers*, I can jet-off to London & Paris for another all-girls trip in 2010. And there’s still Chengdu, Tokyo, Delhi/Agra/Jaipur/Jodhpur etc etc to plan for. So many places to go, not enough moolah nor vacation days. 🙂

Picture credits: Etsy

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Dizzy in Italy!

Candle 3

Halfway through my 2 weeks of travel in Italy, I remarked to my travel companions:

“If I see another Basilica/painting/statue, I think I’m gonna puke.”

There’s apparently a phrase for this – it’s called “Stendhal’s syndrome“. It’s the dizzying disorientation that some tourists experience when they encounter (too many) masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.

PS: Photo is post-processed (to the extreme). I’m having fun trying out the various permutations on Pixlr.com (thanks Ms. J)

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Airport Announcements

AirportsOn Airport announcements – I’m not sure whether I should be simplistic and attribute this difference to East vs. West.

  • Most Airports in Asia: “This is the final boarding call for Mr. X. Please proceed to Gate 123 for boarding immediately”
  • Amsterdam Airport (which I just transited in): “Last call for Mr. X, you are delaying the flight. We will proceed to offload your luggage immediately.”

Image from NY Mag

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Singapore Girl

Singapore Girl

So the Singapore girl is a combination of pineapple & orange.

From a cafe menu in Shanghai (Taikang Road)

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Frenchie Portland

Portland — I always thought Pink Martini was French. Until today, when I found out they were from Portland! Unfortunately, I missed their concert in Portland’s Crystal Ballroom. I tried to get tickets but they were all sold out! 😦

Oh well, just have to use Youtube for company. Their most famous song here

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On my butt

CYPRESS & WHISTLER MOUNTAINS – No, I will never be that poised woman that you meet. Wacky, yes, never poised. You see, I’m much better on my butt than on my feet, whether it be in the sun* or in the snow.

I was all ready to be a snow ice-queen (aka snowboarding bunny extraordinaire) in the mountains a la Rebecca Gilles in Bridget Jones 2 (The Edge of Reason). Turns out I was channelling Bridget Jones instead. Snowboarding bunny? More like snow-boarding rhino that kept falling into the snow – butt first. All I needed was a horn on my frozen nose to destroy everything in insight.

Why fight the talent then? I think I would be great snow-tubing instead. Just throw my butt down into the tyre and off I go! Actually, being dragged along with the snow massaging one’s butt (that was sore from the snowboarding) is a rather nice feeling….. Right, sick, I know.

* If you ask Ms. J, I’m sure she will give you a great positive review of how, in Sydney, I was able to slip off the chair and fell on my butt, all the while holding on to my glass of champagne without spilling any. I was scared by the birds, you see. I was afraid that their wings will hit my face. Or put it another way, saving my face and champagne was more important than saving my butt. 🙂

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