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2009 in Review: Part 2 (Food, Drink and Some Chilling)

My facebook status review of 2009 continues. Here comes Part 2 on Food, Drink and Some Chilling.

  • just found Campos Coffee in Singapore… Yeah!! :))
  • doubts she will ever finish clearing her google reader. Too much to read, too little time. Oh well, maybe off to the library first.
  • Sat is for chilling by the beach. Oh throw in some bubbly too!
  • The worst day ever for the beach, but oh, how fun it was!
  • and Miss J are looking for something exciting to do Friday night!
  • The New Mantra: Increase HDL, Lower LDL!
  • is light-headed from too much bubbly…..
  • (refer to earlier posting) wishes her head is not attached to her neck.
  • is still having gluttony thoughts about the bacon-wrapped dates & the tamarind duck salad from last night’s dinner…
  • Best cure for a splitting headache after some tiring work days : Having the neighborhood stray cat finally responding to your advances. :))
  • pisco is good. Salud! 🙂
  • had some deadly spicy chicken wings @ Seletar Airbase. At Level 3, I could not feel my throat. At Level 10, my legs started shaking involuntarily. And I believed my brain stopped functioning after merely smelling Level 20.
  • loves shopping at Ikea, particularly the section with the pots and pans, dishes and glasses. As if buying them will miraculously make her a better cook.
  • is attempting baked oatmeal chicken. The recipe looks simple enough. Then again, I’m always better at theory than practical.
  • has reached the upper limit of tolerance for dirtiness of the house. I’m confining myself to a small little spot. It’s called escapism.
  • is on a cooking roll – a dish of miso eggplant & a dish of asparagus with olive oil, a wee bit of truffle and a sprinkle of garlic salt coming up later.
  • When alcohol beckons on a Tuesday night, you heed its call. Determined to savour some lambrusco and prosecco with travelmates, Ms.P and Ms.F to relive our italian journey.
  • is having some girlfriends later over for dinner and had to dash Ms. F’s idea of whipping up an egg salad, coz I have no eggs at home. I just realised that the only things at home are cookies, milk and pasta. And 5 cups and plates. But I have 18 wine glasses. 18!! How did I end up with so many wine glasses?
  • Likes being handed menus that read “all day breakfast” when it’s obviously passed the time for the first meal of the day. I will order that breakfast anytime.

2009: I read, went to the beach, cook, ate, drank… and then realised I had high cholesterol (of the bad type). 😦

Did not get me down. Ate, drank somemore. Oh and throw in some exercise (see Part 3) to relieve some of the guilt.

Plans for 2010 – Eat healthy, Drink moderately. More fruits and vegetables. And do a full-scale health check. Will also start cooking at least once a week. I promise, but please don’t ever ask me to give up seafood, bacon and coffee.


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