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Started Running Again very slowly

The good thing about having a blog is that you have an outlet to trumpet your triumphs, however small.

I’m pleased as punch to have exceeded my training goals this week.

I managed to cover 4.6km in 40 minutes today, and running for at least 35 out of the 40 minutes continuously. Alright, I know that’s on the treadmill and road conditions will be different, but I’m still pleased. 🙂


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Balloon Breakfast


Breakfast made of balloons – give a whole new twist to the light breakfast concept.

I also love this blog, by Simply Breakfast who puts up pictures of her breakfast every morning. Yummmm.

PS: Yes, I have not been blogging much. I have been catching up on reading (past issues of Newsweek/Businessweek piling up), running (Shape Run in a month’s time) and sleeping. I slept for about 11 hours straight on Tuesday night and man, it was delicious. 

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China book Book I read on flight from Shanghai back to Singapore: Cost RMB$15 (Sgd$4)


OriginalBook Mr. Cinical bought at the airport while waiting to pick me up : Cost Sgd$17

Cost of Intellectual Property = $13

Coincidence? Priceless.


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Possibilities Across The Globe

I’m wonder where’s the creativity in coming up with a slogan for sports brands? :p

AdidasAdidas (Germany): Impossible is Nothing.

Anything is PossibleLi Ning (China): Anything is Possible

And I thought the Li Ning swish looks a lot like Nike’s!


Li Ning


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Cards of Change

Cards of change – Where those who have been laid off used their old business cards to share what they have been up to, and in the process create stories of positive changes and inspiration.

Biz card 1




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My 1st Holga shots

Holga 1

Holga 2

Holga 3

I finally developed my first 2 rolls of film from the Holga camera. There were supposed to be 32 pictures, but only 19 of them were processed. The rest were too dark. 😦

Apparently with the Holga, you have to switch on the flash even under sunny conditions. I didn’t know.

I find that with a Holga, you are forced to think and compose a picture in your head before clicking on the shutter button, in part because you only have that few rolls of film to play with, so you would not want to waste any film taking duplicate/triplicate shots.

There’s also some delayed gratification. You can’t review your shots immediately, unlike with a digital camera. You can only wait (impatiently) with bated breath, rushing to the photo studio a week after to review how your photos have turned out.

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Keeping up

First Families

Completely Made-Up & Random Thoughts of Nicolas Sarkozy:

“It’s indeed tough to walk alongside people with longer legs than mine…. I can totally understand why Napoleon had a complex.”

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