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Hooked on Stylista

After endless seasons of ANTM and Project Runway, I think I may have just found my favorite reality TV show this year – Stylista, where hopefuls compete to win a fashion assistant job with Elle Magazine, aka “The Devil Wears Prada” comes to life. 

Elle’s Editor, Anne Slowley plays herself (or Miranda Priestley incarnate), and does her lines “I’m sorry, you are not a right fit” with a icy (but with a slight tinge of humane) chill, as opposed to Priestley’s downright ruthless, “That’s all”.

I love it when she sends her scribes to do the job of announcing to contestants about the tasks/whether or not they win. And catch the positively scary little girl in Episode 3. She’s 10 and I won’t want to cross her, ever. 

And with lines like “I was excited to use my brains for the first time”, “In this industry, we judge the book and its cover” & “I bunched up with the fashion rejects and it’s not a good feeling”, the show is certainly entertaining and appeals to my inner (or some say, outer) bitch! And yes, you pick up a tip or two on how to do up editorial pages and yes, I want to visit the NY’s H&M store and the Elle wardrobe please.  [Note to self: Must plan girly-girl trip to New York City] 

And Ooooh, there’s even a blog!! I’m hooked. 

PS: Thanks to Mr. S for sending me the Youtube links. I watched all the episodes today instead of working on that essay. 🙂


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Of Hair and Glasses

“We should have taken photographs.”

“We didn’t know that after our university days, we will never get a chance to have short red hair with green Armani spectacles (Me) or have long blond hair with turtle-shell Gucci spectacles (Ms.F).”

Just 2 old friends reminiscing about the good old times – both of us now have black/brown hair (aka original hair color) with sensible metal glasses/contact lenses.

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To my friend, Miss. J

Can’t wait for Miss. J to kangaroo-hop down to Sydney, where we would attempt a koala-hug on the Harley Motorbike rides and have some kookaburra-laughs about town. 
Then it’s fairy-penguin off to Melbourne’s Philip Island, but not before wombat-ing the other shoppers at St Kilda’s Market and burying our heads like emus after copious amount of alcohol in Yarra Valley. Oh! We are going to have a Tasmania-devil of a time! 🙂

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Angry Little Girls

I like Angry Little Girls Comics. 🙂


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Cin’s Newsdesk #8

justiceAustralia’s Judge Ian Dodd was criticised for falling asleep and snoring during a jury trial to determine if 2 men had smuggled drugs into Australia. Apparently, the judge’s snoring and dozing off happened rather often during the 17 day trial. The Court had ordered a re-trial because of the gross miscarriage of justice as a result of Judge Dodd’s nap attacks (Straits Times, 24 Nov 2008)



This event sure gives a new spin to the phrase “Justice is Blind”….Er, both had their eyes closed…

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Art Imitates Life

Lesson from from the Monet exhibition in Sydney: 

In appreciating the impressionists, one should not stand too close. All you see are blobs of paint.

Take a few steps back and see the moment it captures.  

Just like in life, sometimes, we need to have the benefit of distance to see things more clearly.



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Bras for Men…

I find it funny to see man-breasts, especially when it jiggles (okay, I’m really having a bad visual here). 

But man-bras? I think only the Japanese can come up with such an invention. 

What’s next? Maximisers for men? Oh well, I guess, if you are a guy who loves to leave the top few buttons of your shirt undone…. Man-cleavage anyone? 


First discovered via Glamour and oh, do view the Seinfeld clip on the man-bra as well! It’s hilarious.

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