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Trash Bags…

Apparently, bags are taking their inspiration from the trash bag. Talk about recycling chic…

Vinyl bags from Melbourne’s TV. According to Sassybella, the vinyl bag below apparently took its inspiration from Chanel’s Coco Cabas.


Now, try another combination involving trash bag, chanel, and melbourne. Presenting Lady Melbourne. This one looks much better! I have never seen anyone look so good in a trash-bag dress! And I love her sense of style!




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Wonders of Make-up


I was browsing in the bookstore when I came across Kevyn Aucoin’s Face Forward. Aucoin was a talented make-up artist, particularly fond of using make-up to transform people into a totally different character. Unfortunately, he died of a brain tumour in 2002.

I can’t seem to find a lot of images from the book, but he showcases the ability to transform Calista Flockhart into Audrey Hepburn and Gwyneth Paltrow as James Dean (yes, a guy).


The powers of transformative make-up! Do go flip if you come across it!

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The Pains of Fame


 “You know, it’s very frustrating now. It used to be when I came to Europe that I could just wander down to a café, and sit and have some wine and watch people go by, and go into a little shop, and watch the sun go down. Now I’m in hotel rooms all the time and I have security around me all the time. And so just, you know, losing that ability to just take a walk, that is something that is frustrating.”  (Obama in Newsweek)

Sometimes, let’s not forget the joys of being just another face in the crowd.

Picture from NestaHome (Etsy)

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Weather Report


smoke Smoky – Mumbai, 27 April 2009

fairFair – Sydney, 27 April 2009

light-rainLight Rain – Geneva, 27 April 2009

mostly-cloudy1Mostly Cloudy- Singapore, 27 April 2009

The weather project by steffi gloor and kurt reidi.

Click on your city. Is it sunny or rainy where you are?

First discovered via Pinkshirts & Car Wrecks

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Keds shoes

Right, I promise this will be the last post on comfortable and fashionable shoes this week.

Rediscovering Keds shoes -the vintage wedge version




And for those who are enamoured with Jason Mraz, you will be pleased to discover that he has his own line of shoes with Keds.

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Melissa shoes

I was in Pedder Red (Vivocity) looking for a pair of comfortable heels and to my delight, they carry Melissa+Campana shoes.These are one of the most comfortable shoes one can have.

Melissa shoes (from Australia) are made of plastic jelly and are easily recyclable. Apart from the Campana brothera, they have a number of collaboration with other designers including Vivienne Westwood.




Unfortunately, apart from the Campana range, Pedder Red does not seem to carry the other ranges, so you may have to order them online. Aussie dollar is now almost on parity with the Sing Dollar, so more reason to buy Australian. 🙂

Credits: Melissa

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Taking the plunge

My feet are aching from the 5km walk along the Southern Ridges yesterday.




But I’m taking the plunge to sign up for my first Shape Run despite my aching feet. Signing up for the run will force me to train at least twice a week (getting rid of the tummy courtesy of too much good food from Sydney), and admittedly, the jogging outfit issued by the Shape Run is rather nice. I have also made plans with a fellow participant for a huge breakfast after. 🙂

I was surprised at the popularity of the run in Singapore. It’s the 2nd day of registration today and already, the small-sizes of the T-shirt has ran out! I had to settle for a medium-size piece.

Running is a popular sport in Singapore, with no less than 35 marathons held annually. Although marathon running is rather a solitary sport (with you pushing yourself to better your personal best), the idea of having people each pushing themselves around you does serve as a motivation, as an inspiration to complete that last mile.

So off for training, and shopping around for a pair of running shoes will not hurt either. These nike pairs look good. Did I mention that participation in the Shape run gives you a 20% discount on nike women’s running products?

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