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Cin’s Newsdesk: Looking young

Tongue-in-cheek look at Singapore’s news of the day

Singapore has finally found the solution to its aging population problem.

How? By having everyone look young, of course.

Parliament has prescribed.

Step 1: Colour hair.

Step 2: No botox ever.

Now, why didn’t I think of that? Those smart smart parliamentarians.

Khaw’s secrets to looking young

HEALTH Minister Khaw Boon Wan was asked for his secret to looking young by Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Lam Pin Min in Parliament on Tuesday.

Giving a bashful grin, Mr Khaw, 58, said: ‘There’s no elixir or no secret recipe. Technology does help.

‘I colour my hair but, of course, no botox. But I think the mind is important and attitude to life, so on.

‘And if you go back to when I quoted Lao-tzu, you know, what is life all about, it is never about ourselves, it is about others and if you lead a life in that direction, whatever the physical form, I don’t think it matters.’


Thanks Mr.S for pointing out this article.


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Cin’s Newsdesk: Standing Down

Image source: ChannelNewsAsia, 18 Feb 2009.

Well, headline says it all. Judge in Anwar’s case will not stand down in the sodomy trial. He’s not relaxing. No chance of him bending over, I guess.

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Cin’s Newsdesk: The Submarine

A tongue-in-cheek take on (Malaysia’s) news of the day…

Malaysia’s first submarine,delivered in September 2009, has developed problems that made it unfit for diving.

To prevent any embarrassment to the country’s first Premier, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia is planning to change the submarine’s eponymous name. Unfortunately, the alternative “Sinking Ship” did not make the final cut.

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Cin’s Newsdesk: Productivity & Bee!

A tongue-in-chic take on (Singapore) news of the day…

The government has recently released the recommendations of the Economic Strategies Committee, with a view on charting Singapore’s economic future.

To promote the initiative of  productivity growth in Singapore,  Teamy, the Productivity Bee, who had his hey-days in the 1980s has been invited out of retirement to be champion this campaign.

Teamy gushed: “Of course I am honored to be invited back after 30 years. Having me as the spokesperson also fits in well with the government’s plans to have older workers like me, to stay longer in the workforce.”

Don’t expect the bee to rest in his hive. He has plans to transform himself to connect with the workers of today. In the improved version 2.0, he will be known as “Bumble-Bee, the Transformer”.

Just as fashion recycles itself every decade or so, buzzwords (no pun intended) in governance does too!

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Cin’s Newsdesk #8

bush-shoeUS President Bush had a pair of shoes hurtling his way during a press conference on his farewell visit to Iraq. Bush managed to duck the attack and the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki also attempted to catch the shoe before it hits Bush. 


Oh Bush – what a way to end a presidency… guess you have to do some sole-searching now.

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Cin’s Newsdesk #8

justiceAustralia’s Judge Ian Dodd was criticised for falling asleep and snoring during a jury trial to determine if 2 men had smuggled drugs into Australia. Apparently, the judge’s snoring and dozing off happened rather often during the 17 day trial. The Court had ordered a re-trial because of the gross miscarriage of justice as a result of Judge Dodd’s nap attacks (Straits Times, 24 Nov 2008)



This event sure gives a new spin to the phrase “Justice is Blind”….Er, both had their eyes closed…

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Cin’s Newsdesk #6

marina-bayThe Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is currently seeking public feedback for 2 iconic spaces at Marina Bay. One being a landmark bridge and the other being an Art Park. Public can log on to the marina bay website to share their views or suggest names. Closing date is 14 December 2008. (Channel News Asia, 18 November 2008)



Judging by previous naming contests, where the winning name for Singapore’s Budget Terminal was “Budget Terminal” and the winning name for Marina Bay was “Marina Bay”, it is not hard to figure out the winning names of these new iconic structures, namely “The Marina Bay Bridge” and “The Marina Bay Park”. 

Cin’s Newsdesk

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