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Good Bye 2008

It’s interesting they play Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s eve.

We usually just partake in the singing without knowing the meaning.

I never knew what Auld Lang Syne means till now. It means “Times long past”.

As a certain character in a movie said “‘Should old acquaintances be forgot’? Does that mean that we should forget old acquaintances, or does it mean if we happened to forget them, we should remember them, which is not possible because we already forgot?”

2008 will be, for me, always be remembered as the year where there are connections forged, connections strengthened and connections lost. The year of Sydney where I learnt something about the complexities of human relationships, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. But whatever they may be, there’s always a lesson or two to be learnt. 

So here’s to my connections – the forged, the strengthened and the lost. My favorite version of Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis, from the SATC movie. 

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Frenchie Portland

Portland — I always thought Pink Martini was French. Until today, when I found out they were from Portland! Unfortunately, I missed their concert in Portland’s Crystal Ballroom. I tried to get tickets but they were all sold out! 😦

Oh well, just have to use Youtube for company. Their most famous song here

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Vancouver — Funny how I kept searching for bits of it everywhere I go. I thought I finally felt its caress as I sat in a restaurant (Nu) along South Granville Road. 

I had a sudden flashback that I was staring at King St Wharf, Darling Harbor and the underside of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Withdrawal symptom is not a good thing to have.

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Resisting a buy = Maturity?

Vancouver — I finally figured out why people in the Northern Hemisphere love shopping on Boxing Day – apart from the major sales, of course. It’s the huddling together, with snow blowing in your face and slush on your feet as you stand in line in the cold outside the Coach store, which according to a lady – has discounts of more than 50%.

It’s the satisfaction of scoring a bargain (or two) in sub-zero temperatures, when the tv channels warn all to stay at home in case of storms, and thereafter having a donut and hot choc (or two). 

The scene was pure madness along Robson Street. People standing in line for hours waiting to get into Coach. I had a peek in, women (and some men) were snatching the bags off the shelves, lining the bags on the hands. 5 (at least) on each! 

Funnily, for a shopaholic, I did not join in. I was hungry and the appeal of food was stronger than the appeal of a 50% discount on Coach bags. And after lunch, I managed to resist buying a C$200 leather jacket that fitted me perfectly because I would not be wearing that in Singapore. Although now, I can’t get the jacket off my mind (but that’s another issue). 

I surprised myself sometimes.

15 years ago, I was on Orchard Road with my best girlfriend. We went to all the sales, spent all our money and had to share a cup of instant noodles on the steps of Centrepoint because that was the only thing we could afford. It was before we both were allowed credit cards (a very wise decision by our parents then).

I like to think I matured. Or that my mother’s constant nagging that I have too much shoes, clothes and bags have finally sunk in.

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On my butt

CYPRESS & WHISTLER MOUNTAINS – No, I will never be that poised woman that you meet. Wacky, yes, never poised. You see, I’m much better on my butt than on my feet, whether it be in the sun* or in the snow.

I was all ready to be a snow ice-queen (aka snowboarding bunny extraordinaire) in the mountains a la Rebecca Gilles in Bridget Jones 2 (The Edge of Reason). Turns out I was channelling Bridget Jones instead. Snowboarding bunny? More like snow-boarding rhino that kept falling into the snow – butt first. All I needed was a horn on my frozen nose to destroy everything in insight.

Why fight the talent then? I think I would be great snow-tubing instead. Just throw my butt down into the tyre and off I go! Actually, being dragged along with the snow massaging one’s butt (that was sore from the snowboarding) is a rather nice feeling….. Right, sick, I know.

* If you ask Ms. J, I’m sure she will give you a great positive review of how, in Sydney, I was able to slip off the chair and fell on my butt, all the while holding on to my glass of champagne without spilling any. I was scared by the birds, you see. I was afraid that their wings will hit my face. Or put it another way, saving my face and champagne was more important than saving my butt. 🙂

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Merry Xmas

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Santa Claus is dead

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Shot him in the head

Barbie Doll, Barbie Doll

Tried to save his life

But GI Joe in Mexico killed her with her knife

I have been singing this since I was a kid. I forgot where it came from (think it was from a children’s book), but it’s a xmas song that I always sing when I hear Jingle Bells…

Merry Xmas!

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Of wet socks and sliding down the snow

Vancouver – Vancouver must have heard my request for snow. Today’s newspaper headlines read: “Snow Wallops British Columbia”. Apparently, it hasn’t snowed so hard since 10 years ago.

But please, someone do remind me the next time never ever to wear Mary-Janes when snow reaches ankle-deep. What’s worse than wet socks? Cold wet socks, I say.


 Uggs, I should have bought that pair of Uggs in Sydney. Heaven now will be to sink my cold wet feet into those furry boots.

Still, that hasn’t stop me from having fun and sliding down the slope on a plastic bag…who cares about wet shoes, wet socks and wet pants when there’s soft powdery snow!!


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