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First Steps

It had been raining for the past few days, which meant that there were puddles.

And puddles on weekends meant that my purple rubber boots get to come out of the shoe closet.  They had been in cold storage since I brought them back from Sydney.

And I finally got started on Urbane Walks today too. It took a long while to get myself going, for one reason or another.

Well, the first step is always the hardest and I’m glad these boots helped.

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Of boots and I

Some women love stilettos, some women have a weakness for boots. I belong to the latter.

My first pair of boots was a pair of Doctor Martens (“Doc-Marcs”) at 16. A basic black pair of 8-eyelets. I think it cost well over a hundred dollars, a big chunk of my monthly allowance then. I saved and saved up for them. My mum hissed at the sight of those ugly, unfeminine boots, but I love them to bits.

It was also impractical, in the warm humid Singapore tropics. But in those heady days of youth, I wore them everywhere, with short flora printed dresses, love beads and beanie caps, with too-loose jeans that hanged off my butt, with denim cut-offs and tiny tees. Those boots were heavy and at the end of most days, I had to drag my feet on the way home.

At 30, again I fell for a pair of “Doc-Marcs”, the glitz-up version of the basic black pair, a 10-eyelet, with satin ribbons for laces, and gold-rimmed studs. If the boots were impractical then, this glitz-up version is even more impractical now, not to mention they are at $400 a pop.

But I could feel my inner, (younger) rocker chick surfaced with those boots.

As age and experiences catches up with us, we are often torn between choosing the practical, down-to-earth, the well-trodden path and that which is just slightly kooky and eccentric. And is it a sign of growing up (perhaps?) that I will put back that $400 pair of shoes back to its shelves (even though I’m drawing a salary), whilst I will starve so as to buy that $100+ pair 14 years ago?

In the end, I did not buy the glitzy “Doc-Marcs”, I bought a sensible pair of patent red wedges instead.

But damn, I still want those boots, if not to wear, than to remind myself that there is still a inner, younger rocker chick who’s just slightly eccentric and kooky on the inside.

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Barbies, Ankles and Louboutins


Barbie Louboutin

So Louboutin has been commissioned to design 3 looks for Barbie. Packaged in Louboutin shoe boxes, each will come with 4 pairs of Barbie-size Louboutin heels.

But poor Barbie, after decades of criticism from feminists and the like, for being urm, too feminine with her over-sized boobs and too-small waist, she now has to contend with Louboutin’s comments’ that her ankles are too fat. It remains to be seen if Mattel will surgically correct Barbie’s ankles.

If Archilles’ downfall are his heels, I guess Barbie’s must be her ankles.

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I’m floating on air….

It’s either my new “don’t mess with me” heels (which are surprisingly comfortable), or the effect of too much bubbly.

I think it’s the bubbly.

Best enjoyed with friends and a beautiful sunset.

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Keds shoes

Right, I promise this will be the last post on comfortable and fashionable shoes this week.

Rediscovering Keds shoes -the vintage wedge version




And for those who are enamoured with Jason Mraz, you will be pleased to discover that he has his own line of shoes with Keds.

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Melissa shoes

I was in Pedder Red (Vivocity) looking for a pair of comfortable heels and to my delight, they carry Melissa+Campana shoes.These are one of the most comfortable shoes one can have.

Melissa shoes (from Australia) are made of plastic jelly and are easily recyclable. Apart from the Campana brothera, they have a number of collaboration with other designers including Vivienne Westwood.




Unfortunately, apart from the Campana range, Pedder Red does not seem to carry the other ranges, so you may have to order them online. Aussie dollar is now almost on parity with the Sing Dollar, so more reason to buy Australian. 🙂

Credits: Melissa

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On lessons and shoes

After 30 years of being on earth, I have watched very much (TV/movies) and read quite a fair bit (books), but I won’t claim that I have learnt very much.

But certainly one thing that has stuck with me all these years is the importance of picking yourself up when you fall. Or just do no’t wear a pair of stilettos that’s too high for you. 🙂 carrie-falling

carrie 1

And on the topic of shoes, one thing I have certainly learnt is the need for at least 2 comfortable pairs of shoes (and I don’t mean sneakers) that you can walk a mile in (literally) – a pair of comfortable heels for work and a pair for the weekend.

Having 2 comfortable pairs of shoes is not going to detract you from building up a shoe collection, but by and by, the painful, blister-inducing pairs will not become your sole choices (no pun intended). 

Just like in life, I suppose. Have 1 or 2 major priorities in life. Not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t develop other interests, but at least you know what’s your centre of balance.

In the meantime, I will look for my sole and soul choices.

Happy Birthday to me!

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