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Cin’s Newsdesk: Men in White

Men in WhiteFrom the Tongue-in-Cheek Newsdesk:

In an attempt to increase its reach to appeal to voters beyond the “Garden of Eden”, Singapore’s ruling party has decided to launch a new publication chronicling the challenges faced in their early formative years titled “Men in White”, and aptly released during the Hungry Ghost Festival during the lunar seventh-month. Who knows, perhaps the white-shrouded spirits and ghosts who took a trip to this Garden of Eden this month may be persuaded to stay on as foreign talents!




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Fashion & Economics

Vogue Cover

Spurious correlation, or a real link?

Next time, instead of staring at hard data to determine the health of our economies, I think I will read Vogue instead. 🙂

And I wonder – is there such a topic of study combining fashion & economics?

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Cin’s Newsdesk: Of boobs


German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to step up a cup, I mean a notch in her election campaign in response to Heidi Klum’s (incidentally also German) remark that “Most women in politics, they wear a suit and look like a man”,

Her new campaign slogan: We Have More to Offer.

If Merkel is attempting to address men’s fascination with machines, I guess booby traps are her weapons of choice…

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It’s not about Bill….


Hillary Clinton: “My husband is not secretary of state, I am.” “I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

A whole new take on the view that marriage is union of 2 halves into a whole.

Right, I’ll probably be pissed if I was Hillary, but hey, you can’t blame people for not making the distinction when, er, both share the same name and play in the same sphere of international relations.


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