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Power of imagination

In today’s wired world, the most important economic competition is no longer between countries or companies. The most important economic competition is actually between you and your own imagination. Because what your kids imagine, they can now act on farther, faster, cheaper than ever before — as individuals. Today, just about everything is becoming a commodity, except imagination, except the ability to spark new ideas.

Thomas Friedman via NY Times



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First Steps

It had been raining for the past few days, which meant that there were puddles.

And puddles on weekends meant that my purple rubber boots get to come out of the shoe closet.  They had been in cold storage since I brought them back from Sydney.

And I finally got started on Urbane Walks today too. It took a long while to get myself going, for one reason or another.

Well, the first step is always the hardest and I’m glad these boots helped.

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Life with a Law Student: The Invisible Hand

Mr Cinical: Sometimes, in front of my friends, I refer to you as the “invisible hand”.

Me: Oh, you mean that I have the effect of injecting some equilibrium into your life? (Obviously I was thinking Adam Smith).

Mr. Cinical: Errr, no. It strikes at times when I (have to) keep you company instead of exercising the option to hang out with my friends.

And hence, in patent law language, you are “a method comprising: signaling one’s intention without any physical contact, verbal communication or telepathy, exercising undue influence based, at least in part on the signaling, responsive to an event that that causes unhappiness “.

Me: ………….. In plain english,  you mean I call the shots lah!

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Life with a Law Student: Frivolity

Me: Blah blah blah, and so I bought those shoes…..

(5 seconds of silence)

Mr. Cinical: Am I supposed to respond?

Me: Aren’t you supposed to be good at writing respondent’s briefs? So I’m sure you must have some response to my statement.

Mr. Cinical: We learnt not to respond to frivolous issues in such briefs.

Me: Grrrrr


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Cin’s Newsdesk: Looking young

Tongue-in-cheek look at Singapore’s news of the day

Singapore has finally found the solution to its aging population problem.

How? By having everyone look young, of course.

Parliament has prescribed.

Step 1: Colour hair.

Step 2: No botox ever.

Now, why didn’t I think of that? Those smart smart parliamentarians.

Khaw’s secrets to looking young

HEALTH Minister Khaw Boon Wan was asked for his secret to looking young by Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Lam Pin Min in Parliament on Tuesday.

Giving a bashful grin, Mr Khaw, 58, said: ‘There’s no elixir or no secret recipe. Technology does help.

‘I colour my hair but, of course, no botox. But I think the mind is important and attitude to life, so on.

‘And if you go back to when I quoted Lao-tzu, you know, what is life all about, it is never about ourselves, it is about others and if you lead a life in that direction, whatever the physical form, I don’t think it matters.’


Thanks Mr.S for pointing out this article.

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Economist’s Concept of An Attractive Job

Criteria for measuring whether jobs are fundamentally attractive or not:

Amount of nonsense suffered per dollar earned

Amount of effort invested per dollar earned

Courtesy of Ms. J & Ms. F.

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Dilbert’s Fantasy Life


Oh, and in my secret fantasy entrepreneurial life this week, I published a collection of short stories, shot a few award-winning photographs, doubled sales of my vintage clothes and accessories collection, baked a cake, brewed cups of lip-smackingly good latte and did a headstand (at yoga).

I love Dilbert.

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