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Life with a Law Student: Will & Grace

Mr Cinical: In property law class, I learnt all about who is considered next-of-kin and about writing up wills.

Me: So am I considered your next-of-kin?

Mr Cinical: Typically, the spouse is.

Me: Which means I get all your assets if you die….

Mr Cinical: And that’s that why we were taught how to draw up wills, in the event that I do not want you to have all my assets. So the main learning point for you is that you should be nice to me.


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Parisian Macaroons/Scottish Whisky

It’s not a bad dilemma to be in. In fact, I’m rather thankful to be in a situation which can give rise to such a dilemma.

 I recently bought an air ticket for myself to London, on a whim. Or rather, a whim led by a stroke of coincidence.

 I realised that Singapore Airlines was having promotional fares for London, which came 2 days after Ms. J’s comment of “London beckons” to my rather uninspiring FB status update about my bright pink nails screaming for the weekend. Dates also happened to coincide with Ms. F who’s trotting down to London from Germany for a week-long course. And so, to London, I go. 

 So far, straight forward.

The dilemma is about where I should go and what I should do, for my lone trip out of London during the week. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices.

 Parisian macaroons or Scottish Whisky?

 It’s like taking those personality type quizzes in women’s magazines.

“If you have a free evening after work, will you rather:

(a) Stay and home, watch click flicks, belting out “All by Myself”, a la Bridget Jones, or

(b) Go shopping, chalk up a mountain of credit card bills, a la Becky in Shopaholic series

(c)….. You get the idea.

 I can’t decide whether I prefer karaoke-ing alone or buying up an entire store. It depends, really.

 Between Paris & Edinburgh, it’s like deciding whether I prefer to be sipping coffee and nibbling on macaroons in an oh-so-fabulously-stylish trench coat in Ladurée, or running on the rolling hills of the Highland, downing a shot of single malt whisky in my grubby GAP sweater.

 And the scary funny thing is that I am happy and comfortable with either choice made. They are both rather, urm, me.  

 Perhaps, I am just (too) many personalities rolled into one. Not too bad for a lone traveller – I can entertain myself while travelling alone. Ha.

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Life with a Law Student: It Depends

When you are in school, you are like a sponge, soaking all the knowledge up. Everything is new and exciting. And remember where there are certain words/phrases you keep repeating and repeating, regardless of whether they are appropriate contextually?


Me: So what do you think of [insert  subject/object]?

Mr. Cinical: It depends.


Me: What’s your view on this [insert summary/background of random news article in the newspapers]? 

Mr. Cinical: It depends.


Me: Will you like to [insert activity]? 

Mr. Cinical: It depends.

Me: Depends on what?

Mr. Cinical: Depends on how much you are going to pay me. *Laughs*

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Life with a Law Student: On Framing a Question

Summer vacation’s over and school starts again this week for Mr. Cinical! So it’s back to having legal jargon peppering our daily conversation.

Mr. Cinical: We were taught how to question a witness in the Trial Advocacy class today. Apparently, if you are the prosecuter, your job is to present facts, so your questions should be an invitation for the witness to tell his story. The defense, on the other hand should be asking leading questions with “yes/no” answers.

Me: So, assuming if you had gone to law school before you married me, how would you have frame the proposal?

Mr. Cinical: Instead of asking “will you marry me?” and risking potential rejection, I will ask “So, who do you intend to marry?”

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The Car-Washer

I see him on most nights, as I walk out of the carpark, pushing a trolley, or sometimes on a bicycle , laden with buckets of water and cleaning agent. Sometimes he will be wiping a car, cloth in hand.

That day, we happen to speak. He had just finished distributing his pamphlets under the wipers of each car. “Car washing. 8 pm – 12 am. Call XXX”.

“Uncle, so you wash cars? How much?”

“$40 per month. 2 times a week. Monday to Fridays. 8 pm to 12 am” He said in halting english.

From his accent, I figured that he was not local. Probably one of the many foreign workers in Singapore who held a day job in construction, building our (too) many too-tall offices and new homes, and ran a little business in the night, washing cars in the estate, in hope of earning more money to send home.

And since, it’s national day, let’s not forget the efforts of the many foreign workers who are here, particularly those like the car-washer. He, with his entrepreneur spirit is probably most like our forefathers who came many many years ago. It’s about the attempt, no matter how tough, to create a better life for themselves, and that is the Singapore story.

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