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Red Cliff 2

It was my first mandarin-language movie in many many years. I think my last was Stephen Chow’s Kung-Fu Hustle.

Always having a preference for chick-flicks, I was surprised I found Red Cliff 2 enjoyable (despite that I did not watch Red Cliff 1). The battle scenes, while spectacular were not the highlight of the movie. It was for me, the application of Sun Tze’s Art of WarΒ in the strategy planning as they prepare for the show-down. Or it may be just because there was Takeshi Kaneshiro as the brillant Zhu-ge Liang. πŸ™‚

I like one particular line that Zhu-ge Liang said, which goes something along the line that “Knowing a bit of everything makes one more colorful”. That appeals to my preference of being a Jill of all trades. Master of none, I don’t really care. At least I’m not one-dimensional. πŸ™‚


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