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It’s the time of year…


 ..for performance feedbacks and appraisals (at least in my current company where the year ends in June and starts again in July).


(1) You know what scares me? That I’m supposed to give career advice and guidance to the younger chaps I work with about what they should do with their (career) lives.

The part about getting them to set out specific project goals for next year is straight forward enough, but how do you advice on career choices, without (knowingly or unknowingly) screwing someone’s life in the process? Also considering that I probably also need some guidance of my own.

(2) And the even scarier part: Our management styles are a sum of our ex-bosses; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Yes, just as you turn out to be like your mother/father, and your approach to relationships is a function of how your previous relationships turned out.


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