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Started Running Again very slowly

The good thing about having a blog is that you have an outlet to trumpet your triumphs, however small.

I’m pleased as punch to have exceeded my training goals this week.

I managed to cover 4.6km in 40 minutes today, and running for at least 35 out of the 40 minutes continuously. Alright, I know that’s on the treadmill and road conditions will be different, but I’m still pleased. 🙂


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Taking the plunge

My feet are aching from the 5km walk along the Southern Ridges yesterday.




But I’m taking the plunge to sign up for my first Shape Run despite my aching feet. Signing up for the run will force me to train at least twice a week (getting rid of the tummy courtesy of too much good food from Sydney), and admittedly, the jogging outfit issued by the Shape Run is rather nice. I have also made plans with a fellow participant for a huge breakfast after. 🙂

I was surprised at the popularity of the run in Singapore. It’s the 2nd day of registration today and already, the small-sizes of the T-shirt has ran out! I had to settle for a medium-size piece.

Running is a popular sport in Singapore, with no less than 35 marathons held annually. Although marathon running is rather a solitary sport (with you pushing yourself to better your personal best), the idea of having people each pushing themselves around you does serve as a motivation, as an inspiration to complete that last mile.

So off for training, and shopping around for a pair of running shoes will not hurt either. These nike pairs look good. Did I mention that participation in the Shape run gives you a 20% discount on nike women’s running products?

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