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2009 in Review: Part 3 (Me, Myself & My Wardrobe)

Facebook status updates in 2009 on Me, Myself and My Wardrobe

Vanity, thy name is woman…

  • needs more wardrobe space.
  • is looking for grey opaque tights for her new nude boots. ūüôā
  • Price aside, why are beautiful shoes so uncomfortable? And why are comfortable shoes so ugly?
  • wonders if Michelle Obama’s & Carla Bruni’s aides had a pow-wow before they actually met? However do u explain that both turned wore dresses with large neck bows & sleeves!??
  • wonders how other women can put on fake eyelashes in the morning when she’s usually struggling to prevent herself from poking her eyeballs out with the mascara wand and heated eyelash curler.
  • is both amused and freaked to receive an email from Amazon.Com that reads something like “based on your past book searches & purchases, we want to remind you that “The Fashion Show” premieres tonight on Bravo TV. Call it direct marketing…
  • shopaholic alert – October’s credit card bills are at stratrospheric levels.

Kicking some Ass…

  • feels accomplished after the nature walk @ Ubin today!
  • wants to zorb…anyone interested?
  • a tortuous pilates session is all it takes to find out how much unidentified muscles she has
  • is taking the plunge to sign up for her 1st Shape Run despite her aching feet from the 5km walk yesterday! Time for regular runs to supplement the pilates sessions!
  • one month down to Shape run and desperately needing to re-start the jogging routine (yet) again! Time to put the new Nikes to some good use.
  • is pleased with her running progress. She’s on track. Ok, not literally, but on treadmill.
  • is gearing up for the 5km run tomorrow, though what’s she really looking forward is the huge breakfast after (eggs, bacon, smoked salmon and coffee please)… Oh, and let’s hope that high-heels inflicted blister on her toe won’t decide to burst.
  • dull ache from yoga actually feels good.
  • had a most gruelling yoga session today. One day, I will be able to stand on my hands and write with my toes, but not today.
  • finally understood why the Body Combat class at the yoga studio is always full. When you hear enough of “you have to cultivate inner peace”, it feels good to be punching and kicking. Satisfying, really

2009: Had epiphany. Realized will never be one of those glam girls who look well put together in the morning, afternoon and/or night. Still, did not stop shopping. Wardrobe situation under control (well-done!). Bought new wardrobe.

Gave up heated mascara wand. It burnt whatever little lashes I had left.

Started exercise regime! Placed myself into a big ball (zorbing) and rolled downhill. Felt like piece of laundry in the washing machine whilst rolling. Finished first 5km run, in 38 minutes (pat on back!). (Re)started yoga and discovered interest in yoga combat. Have not gone for yoga, nor step into gym the past 2 weeks (oh dear!)

Bought first branded bag from Italy – in gun metal grey. Lied to mum about its price (slashing it by >50%).

Plans for 2010: Fill up new wardrobe. Do another 5km run. Drag myself to the gym. Maybe more shoes? Cut up one credit card.

Picture credits: Etsy


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Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (and Suits)


A Completely Made-up Conversation as the Power Ladies talk Fashion

Merkel: Don’t you have the perfect outfit – blue suit and black pants?!

Clinton: Don’t you have the perfect hair, and blond to boot?!

Note: Hillary meets Angela in Berlin, 9 Nov 09, to celebrate the 2oth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. They dressed in identical blue suits with black pants.

Question, why is it when VVIPs meet, they tend to dress like each other? See here and here. Is it so as not to have a “one up” on the other on trivial matters such as choice of outfits?

I like what Madeline Albright (ex-Secretary of State, aka also a VVIP in her own right)’s take on fashion though. She’s one who believes that the outfit/accessories can convey a lot. She said, “People will comment on your clothes,” she says, “but if you comment, you’re called frivolous.” (Great interview, by the way)

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Barbies, Ankles and Louboutins


Barbie Louboutin

So Louboutin has been commissioned to design 3 looks for Barbie. Packaged in Louboutin shoe boxes, each will come with 4 pairs of Barbie-size Louboutin heels.

But poor Barbie, after decades of criticism from feminists and the like, for being urm, too feminine with her over-sized boobs and too-small waist, she now has to¬†contend with¬†Louboutin’s comments’ that her ankles are too fat. It remains to be seen if Mattel will surgically correct Barbie’s ankles.

If Archilles’ downfall are his heels, I guess Barbie’s must be her ankles.

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Inspired by Red


I have been reading my usual fashion blogs, but I haven’t been inspired till now. Vogue China’s 60 Memorable Fashion Moment traces the history of fashion in China…

1949 - 59

The cheongsum is China’s little black dress. The cheongsum of the 1950s are elegant and simple, has a looser fit without much adornment. Taking a coloured photograph in front of Tiananmen Square was also in vogue then!

1959 - 69

China was in the throes of the Great Leap Forward in the early 1960s, and who could forget Maoism’s “women hold up half the sky?”. Proletariat fashion was about comfort and ease of movement.

1969 - 79

The US-China relationship in the 70s was best characterised by the term “ping-pong diplomacy” where both countries sent a number of ping-pong players to each country for some cultural exchange.This culminated in 1972 with the 1st visit of an American President (Nixon) to China.

Shades of blue, green and grey was predominant at that time. The picture shows an American ping-pong player on exchange to China. In 1972, First Lady Nixon’s elegant red coat caused a stir. It was fashion forward for its time, representing the communist red of China.

1969 - 79 Part 2

How did ladies accessorize in the 1970s? With Mao badges of course. A little red in the sea of blue, green, grey.

Also during that time, only actress are allowed to perm their hair!

1979 - 89

China opened up economically in 1980s, and with it came the influences of “western fashion and entertainment”, such as big bug-eye shades, and ballroom dancing.

1989 - 99

A decade of excesses & exuberance. Who could forget the brick-like mobile phone, first seen in Hong Kong movies and the rising influence of the chinese language. We still see chinese characters on T-shirts, and tattoos!

1999 - 2009

Now: China becomes a trend-setter.

Credits: Vogue China via here [http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/2009/09/vogue-china-60-memorable-fashion.html].

You can click on for the full pictures.

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Fashion takes on Comics!

Tim Gunn as Ironman

I’m not really a fan of comics, except for perhaps the adventures surrounding Archie, Betty, Veronica & Jughead.

But I might certainly pick up the Marvel Comic released in Aug 09, starring Tim Gunn as the Ironman. Yeap, Iron-man, aka the chap without a “real” heart.

I can just imagine Tim Gunn’s pursing his lips, dong that heartless (no pun intended) “make it work” phrase. The story is apparently set in NY Fashion Week, where a designer is murdered. 3 Charlie Angels-supermodel versions come in to investigate, with Tim playing the role of Charlie/Iron-man/Mentor.

It’s apparently going to be a on-going “Models Inc” mini-series of comics with fashion-friendly characters.

Now I would certainly hope to see characters such as Anna Wintour playing herself as the evil queen dowager, with her piercing stares behind her trademark sunnies, or Heidi Klum with her trademark “Auf wiedersehen” before she kills you with her legs in a scissor-style lock around your neck. Or perhaps Tyra Banks as she crushes your fragile ego with her “your journey ends on ANTM”.

And maybe the trio of new angels will be of Michelle Obama/Carla Bruni/Princess Letizia of Spain who can come in as the saviors of fashion – with biceps to butt, oops, I meant boot!

Should be fun! I’m looking forward to it already.

PS: I missed Project Runway….

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Modern Day Athena


I am liking this look (courtesy of The Sartorialist). Particularly the rolled-up sleeves on a suit jacket.

Very smart-urban-woman-warrior-like. A modern-day Athena. ¬†It conveys that, “Let’s stop talking and get down to action!” feel.¬†

But I wonder, isn’t it tough to iron out the creases later?


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Paper wear

I am amazed by these paper dresses.

Yes, they are indeed made of paper, a specific material known as Tyvek, which is usually used for making envelopes. They are also machine-washable (gets softer with every wash) and totally recyclable.

They look light, breezy and totally suitable for the humid weather here. The dressed are designed by House-Wear (NY) and first discovered via Inhabit

Paper dress 3

Paper dress 2


Apart from paper dresses, I’m also itching to get my hands on the book “Green is the New Black”¬†¬†about the eco-wave that’s driving fashion trends¬†today. There seems to be a number of eco-chic related¬†books, including Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox on how the fashion industry is responding and changing in respond to environmental concerns. If you want a slightly more current-affairs discussion on about this “green” revolution, of course you can rely on Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded.

As one of my best friend, Ms. F exclaims, in these days, “to be green is glorious”!


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