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2009 in Review: Part 5 (A wee bit of cinicism and more to come)

I had originally decided to do the status update review in 6 parts. Until I decided that 5 is better number. It’s my favorite number, and coincidentally also my life path digit (you know in numerology where you add up the digits in your birthdate and reduce it down to a single digit.).

The final morsel- Part 5 (A wee bit of cinicism and more to come)


  • Work expands to fill the time available for its completion(Parkinson’s Law)
  • is not sure of an appropriate reaction after finding out she once ate a cockroach when she was one.
  • is insomniac turning insomaniac soon…
  • @*@&$#&$#@*($
  • Patience & Generousity have its limits.
  • “If you can keep your head whilst all about you are losing theirs, you probably have not fully understood the problem.”
  • is walking on a thin line here. She actually derives pleasure from telling people who refuse to give up seats on trains for senior citizens off.
  • is not half as evil as you are…..
  • If the Decepticons can transform themselves into hot young things, why aren’t they called Vamp-bots?
  • Bad: Cutting your fingernails on the train. Worse: Standing up while doing it and having the nail bits landing on others.
  • From Scent of a Woman – there’s a scene where Al Pacino asks a girl to dance and she replies, “I can’t, my boyfriend will be here any minute now”. To which Al responds, “A life is lived in an instant”. Then they dance to a tango.
  • amused by the question posed to her today: Whether the national anthem of Kazakhstan that was sung in the film Borat is the actual national anthem? In case you are interested, the answer is no… 🙂
  • In our drive to become a world-class glitzy city, we sometimes forget we are also a country — @ 0845hrs as my face was plastered against the train doors.
  • There are 2 kinds of people in the world – those who have brains and those who don’t. The problem is that those who don’t are too sure of themselves and those who have are doubting themselves.
  • 新闻 (xin wen) , ニュース (shimbun), 신문 (sin mun) sounds roughly the same
  • just absolutely disgusted with huge corporations
  • Diplomacy and tact (aka getting your points across without sounding like a bitch) are under-rated talents.
  • I am not a magician, I don’t do miracles.
  • is amused that one of her personal email discussion chains revolved around panda porn, i.e. whether it is animated, humans in fur costumes or real pandas. Answer: Real Pandas, as confirmed by wikipedia (no links to Youtube though). Culprits involved in email discussion not identified.


  • “The funny thing is, in your twenties you try and look serious, and after your twenties, you just try and look hot ”
  • Project 2010 – slowly, but surely.

2009: Thought had left the neurotic 20s behind. Turned out that being 30 unleashed enjoyment of neurotic indulgence via blog.

Plans for 2010: Cinical, with a dash of idealism to continue, and new projects, new terrains to explore. Looking forward to 2010 already.

Picture Credits: Marc Johns


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2009 in Review: Part 4 (Batteries, Bits and Bytes)

Facebook status updates in 2009 on batteries, bits and bytes. We are doing well!

  • has a piece of equipment on her mind – the Canon G10.
  • *hearts” her plastic purple toy camera, but how to load the bloody film in?
  • Just like different pairs of shoes are worn for different occasions, different cameras are used for different purposes. Rationalized justification for having a compact, a toy holga and a G10 at the same time.
  • pleased with the photography course! She may not be technically savvy, but definitely able to go beyond the “auto” and the “scn” mode now. Speaking the language of shutter speed, ISO, and apeture now. 🙂
  • Damn, the newly launched Kindle International edition, with wireless 3G delivery will be available for 100+ countries, but not available for Singapore. 😦
  • I never thought I will say this to a piece of plastic that runs on batteries, but you complete me. So begins my codependency on the iPhone. It can pinpoint my exact location and I can now facebook stalk anytime. A great start to the relationship.
  • The st(r)ains in the relationship are showing. I hate the way my oily face is imprinted on your screen.
  • Sorry iPhone, there’s a contender for my affections. Something which re-*kindles* my passion. 🙂

2009: Acquired far too many things that run on batteries. Let’s count – A Holga toy camera, a Canon G10, an iPhone 3GS, an Amazon kindle.

Trigger-happy, app shopping-happy, e-book shopping-happy.

Irritated the hell out of Mr. Cinical coz gadgets are snazzier than those he (a true geek) has. Not bad for someone whose first camera was purchased in 2008, Still do not know how to operate the DVD player at home. 🙂

Did i mention that I like reading the BITS Technology blog on NY Times? It’s on my google reader, along with NYT’s Fashion & Style. 

Plans for 2010: No more gadgets for next 6 months. Cut up credit card. Take more photos! Read more (electronically)! Resolve not to be person who play/punch incessantly with/at battery-operated devices when someone is talking to me.

Picture credits: Etsy

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Self Preservation

“It’s about self-preservation. It’s maintaining that last shred of dignity, whatever I have left.”

“This means you still care.”

“Yes, but at least I can pretend that I have made a choice.”

Self-preservation. In life, some choices we make just boil down to this.

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2009 in Review: Part 3 (Me, Myself & My Wardrobe)

Facebook status updates in 2009 on Me, Myself and My Wardrobe

Vanity, thy name is woman…

  • needs more wardrobe space.
  • is looking for grey opaque tights for her new nude boots. 🙂
  • Price aside, why are beautiful shoes so uncomfortable? And why are comfortable shoes so ugly?
  • wonders if Michelle Obama’s & Carla Bruni’s aides had a pow-wow before they actually met? However do u explain that both turned wore dresses with large neck bows & sleeves!??
  • wonders how other women can put on fake eyelashes in the morning when she’s usually struggling to prevent herself from poking her eyeballs out with the mascara wand and heated eyelash curler.
  • is both amused and freaked to receive an email from Amazon.Com that reads something like “based on your past book searches & purchases, we want to remind you that “The Fashion Show” premieres tonight on Bravo TV. Call it direct marketing…
  • shopaholic alert – October’s credit card bills are at stratrospheric levels.

Kicking some Ass…

  • feels accomplished after the nature walk @ Ubin today!
  • wants to zorb…anyone interested?
  • a tortuous pilates session is all it takes to find out how much unidentified muscles she has
  • is taking the plunge to sign up for her 1st Shape Run despite her aching feet from the 5km walk yesterday! Time for regular runs to supplement the pilates sessions!
  • one month down to Shape run and desperately needing to re-start the jogging routine (yet) again! Time to put the new Nikes to some good use.
  • is pleased with her running progress. She’s on track. Ok, not literally, but on treadmill.
  • is gearing up for the 5km run tomorrow, though what’s she really looking forward is the huge breakfast after (eggs, bacon, smoked salmon and coffee please)… Oh, and let’s hope that high-heels inflicted blister on her toe won’t decide to burst.
  • dull ache from yoga actually feels good.
  • had a most gruelling yoga session today. One day, I will be able to stand on my hands and write with my toes, but not today.
  • finally understood why the Body Combat class at the yoga studio is always full. When you hear enough of “you have to cultivate inner peace”, it feels good to be punching and kicking. Satisfying, really

2009: Had epiphany. Realized will never be one of those glam girls who look well put together in the morning, afternoon and/or night. Still, did not stop shopping. Wardrobe situation under control (well-done!). Bought new wardrobe.

Gave up heated mascara wand. It burnt whatever little lashes I had left.

Started exercise regime! Placed myself into a big ball (zorbing) and rolled downhill. Felt like piece of laundry in the washing machine whilst rolling. Finished first 5km run, in 38 minutes (pat on back!). (Re)started yoga and discovered interest in yoga combat. Have not gone for yoga, nor step into gym the past 2 weeks (oh dear!)

Bought first branded bag from Italy – in gun metal grey. Lied to mum about its price (slashing it by >50%).

Plans for 2010: Fill up new wardrobe. Do another 5km run. Drag myself to the gym. Maybe more shoes? Cut up one credit card.

Picture credits: Etsy

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2009 in Review: Part 2 (Food, Drink and Some Chilling)

My facebook status review of 2009 continues. Here comes Part 2 on Food, Drink and Some Chilling.

  • just found Campos Coffee in Singapore… Yeah!! :))
  • doubts she will ever finish clearing her google reader. Too much to read, too little time. Oh well, maybe off to the library first.
  • Sat is for chilling by the beach. Oh throw in some bubbly too!
  • The worst day ever for the beach, but oh, how fun it was!
  • and Miss J are looking for something exciting to do Friday night!
  • The New Mantra: Increase HDL, Lower LDL!
  • is light-headed from too much bubbly…..
  • (refer to earlier posting) wishes her head is not attached to her neck.
  • is still having gluttony thoughts about the bacon-wrapped dates & the tamarind duck salad from last night’s dinner…
  • Best cure for a splitting headache after some tiring work days : Having the neighborhood stray cat finally responding to your advances. :))
  • pisco is good. Salud! 🙂
  • had some deadly spicy chicken wings @ Seletar Airbase. At Level 3, I could not feel my throat. At Level 10, my legs started shaking involuntarily. And I believed my brain stopped functioning after merely smelling Level 20.
  • loves shopping at Ikea, particularly the section with the pots and pans, dishes and glasses. As if buying them will miraculously make her a better cook.
  • is attempting baked oatmeal chicken. The recipe looks simple enough. Then again, I’m always better at theory than practical.
  • has reached the upper limit of tolerance for dirtiness of the house. I’m confining myself to a small little spot. It’s called escapism.
  • is on a cooking roll – a dish of miso eggplant & a dish of asparagus with olive oil, a wee bit of truffle and a sprinkle of garlic salt coming up later.
  • When alcohol beckons on a Tuesday night, you heed its call. Determined to savour some lambrusco and prosecco with travelmates, Ms.P and Ms.F to relive our italian journey.
  • is having some girlfriends later over for dinner and had to dash Ms. F’s idea of whipping up an egg salad, coz I have no eggs at home. I just realised that the only things at home are cookies, milk and pasta. And 5 cups and plates. But I have 18 wine glasses. 18!! How did I end up with so many wine glasses?
  • Likes being handed menus that read “all day breakfast” when it’s obviously passed the time for the first meal of the day. I will order that breakfast anytime.

2009: I read, went to the beach, cook, ate, drank… and then realised I had high cholesterol (of the bad type). 😦

Did not get me down. Ate, drank somemore. Oh and throw in some exercise (see Part 3) to relieve some of the guilt.

Plans for 2010 – Eat healthy, Drink moderately. More fruits and vegetables. And do a full-scale health check. Will also start cooking at least once a week. I promise, but please don’t ever ask me to give up seafood, bacon and coffee.

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2009 in Review: Part 1 (Journey Round the World)

It’s the time where we looked back on what we have done for the past year. The joys, the laughter, the emotional lows and highs all captured via my Facebook status updates in 2009. These carefully crafted and selected status made me smile. Great memories!

Presented in 6 parts : (i) Journey Round the World, (ii) Food/Drink & Some Chilling, (iii) Things that Run on Batteries,  (iv) My wardrobe, my Body and I, (v) Cinical’s Cinicism (vi) Milestones & Looking Ahead.

Round 1, here we go: Journey Round the World!

  • is thinking where to go on holiday. Max 4 hours flight radius and 4 nights stay. Suggestions please.:)
  • has settled her holiday destination. It’s Kochi (India)! 🙂
  • is off to Kochi, armed with Sanjeev Bhaskar’s India travel anthology, a sense of adventure and oh, a strong tummy.
  • enjoying Kochi still! Indian trains are fun, especially the non-air-conditioned, cheapest kind. 🙂
  • is crossing fingers that H1N1 will be contained in China, lest it screws up her travel plans!
  • Pit-stop: Shanghai/Xi-an, China Roadblock: Do NOT spend all your money for this leg of the race at Hong Kong Airport. You have 2 hours for this challenge.
  • has not enough money for capitalist china, particularly under the bad influence of Ms. F. LOL…
  • basically went shophaholic-nuts @ the evil evil fabric market of Shanghai
  • managed to immerse herself in the capitalist glitz of Shanghai, enjoy the simplicity of the rural Chinese village, do some hiking in the Hua Mountain and learn about the historical terracotta warriors! Oh, and eat like a cow (with 4 stomachs, I mean).
  • Oh man, google reader is blocked in China… must be the clamping down of internet access before the anniversary of Tiananmen….
  • is flying back… with luggage much heavier than before. Oops.
  • needs another holiday to recover from her last…..
  • is charmed by quaint Malacca…
  • All roads lead to Rome (literally), and so begins the 2 month countdown to La Dolce Vita! Fingers crossed! 🙂
  • and friends are off to Italy for 2 weeks of budget indulgence in art, architecture, food and wine. Italian men they ain’t interested in, but let’s wager how soon they will succumb to the temptations of Madame Prada and Miss Miu Miu.
  • likes listening to soppy love songs on long train rides, meandering through europe’s countryside
  • la dolce vita is starting with good coffee and ending with good wine, with scoops of gelato in between
  • reality bites – woke up in the middle of the night, jet-lagged, realizing that I have forgotten the log-in password for the work computer.

Kochi, Shanghai, Xi-an, Malacca and Italy for holidays in 2009. With rides in rickety Indian trains, exploring quaint Malacca towns, motorbike rides in rural Xi-an villages, spending way too much money eating and drinking in Shanghai and many parts of Italy, it’s not a bad list. In fact, very good. 🙂

Hopefully 2010 will be another fruitful year of travel.

1st trip for 2010 already planned. Siem Reap in January! Woo Hoo! And hopefully, *cross fingers*, I can jet-off to London & Paris for another all-girls trip in 2010. And there’s still Chengdu, Tokyo, Delhi/Agra/Jaipur/Jodhpur etc etc to plan for. So many places to go, not enough moolah nor vacation days. 🙂

Picture credits: Etsy

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Of boots and I

Some women love stilettos, some women have a weakness for boots. I belong to the latter.

My first pair of boots was a pair of Doctor Martens (“Doc-Marcs”) at 16. A basic black pair of 8-eyelets. I think it cost well over a hundred dollars, a big chunk of my monthly allowance then. I saved and saved up for them. My mum hissed at the sight of those ugly, unfeminine boots, but I love them to bits.

It was also impractical, in the warm humid Singapore tropics. But in those heady days of youth, I wore them everywhere, with short flora printed dresses, love beads and beanie caps, with too-loose jeans that hanged off my butt, with denim cut-offs and tiny tees. Those boots were heavy and at the end of most days, I had to drag my feet on the way home.

At 30, again I fell for a pair of “Doc-Marcs”, the glitz-up version of the basic black pair, a 10-eyelet, with satin ribbons for laces, and gold-rimmed studs. If the boots were impractical then, this glitz-up version is even more impractical now, not to mention they are at $400 a pop.

But I could feel my inner, (younger) rocker chick surfaced with those boots.

As age and experiences catches up with us, we are often torn between choosing the practical, down-to-earth, the well-trodden path and that which is just slightly kooky and eccentric. And is it a sign of growing up (perhaps?) that I will put back that $400 pair of shoes back to its shelves (even though I’m drawing a salary), whilst I will starve so as to buy that $100+ pair 14 years ago?

In the end, I did not buy the glitzy “Doc-Marcs”, I bought a sensible pair of patent red wedges instead.

But damn, I still want those boots, if not to wear, than to remind myself that there is still a inner, younger rocker chick who’s just slightly eccentric and kooky on the inside.

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