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It’s so hot…

It has been so hot these few days, haven’t it? Google weather reads 32 degree Celsius, but it feels more like 37 degrees!

And don’t you realize that Singapore girls hardly carry an umbrella around, or wear hats even in the depth of heat? I was experiencing a Shanghai summer 2 years back and I was amazed that the ladies had both umbrellas and hats on them!

Perhaps it may be due to our “humid” as opposed to “dry” heat. Wearing a hat does mean you end with with helmet hair which makes your hair look flat (think oily scalp with perspiration). I was wearing hats happily in the Sydney summer with its dry heat!

Or perhaps our stores don’t bring in enough lovely parasols? Apparently, there are parasols with anti-UV coatings that filters out 90% UV rays.

Or maybe that Singapore girls are faced with heat and humidity all year round, so we do not feel the need to do anything different, unlike say, if you live in a temperate climate where you will have a different set of outfits and even skincare for summer and winter.

Or maybe, just maybe, we do not want to be associated with the “aunties” or middle-aged women who carry umbrellas! (Admittedly, this is my excuse!)

Hmm, but think about it, since UV rays are the major cause of aging, perhaps mums do know best!

Anyhow, not that it’ll help, but I am loving this little hat……


Credits: Pixie Market via Fashionista

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