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Life with a Law Student: On Framing a Question

Summer vacation’s over and school starts again this week for Mr. Cinical! So it’s back to having legal jargon peppering our daily conversation.

Mr. Cinical: We were taught how to question a witness in the Trial Advocacy class today. Apparently, if you are the prosecuter, your job is to present facts, so your questions should be an invitation for the witness to tell his story. The defense, on the other hand should be asking leading questions with “yes/no” answers.

Me: So, assuming if you had gone to law school before you married me, how would you have frame the proposal?

Mr. Cinical: Instead of asking “will you marry me?” and risking potential rejection, I will ask “So, who do you intend to marry?”


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Google Search Story Video Creator: The Reformed Shopaholic

I’m not sure if any of you have tried out Google’s Search Stories Video Creator. It’s really fun.

My first attempt at creating a Google Search Story can be found here, titled “The Reformed Shopaholic”

I wanted to create a little story by piecing together book titles. 🙂

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Cin’s Newsdesk: Productivity & Bee!

A tongue-in-chic take on (Singapore) news of the day…

The government has recently released the recommendations of the Economic Strategies Committee, with a view on charting Singapore’s economic future.

To promote the initiative of  productivity growth in Singapore,  Teamy, the Productivity Bee, who had his hey-days in the 1980s has been invited out of retirement to be champion this campaign.

Teamy gushed: “Of course I am honored to be invited back after 30 years. Having me as the spokesperson also fits in well with the government’s plans to have older workers like me, to stay longer in the workforce.”

Don’t expect the bee to rest in his hive. He has plans to transform himself to connect with the workers of today. In the improved version 2.0, he will be known as “Bumble-Bee, the Transformer”.

Just as fashion recycles itself every decade or so, buzzwords (no pun intended) in governance does too!

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Cin’s Newsdesk: Hooters


2 Hooters waitress are bringing Hooters to court, for making them pay for their uniforms at the cost of US$19.43 for a skimpy tank, bright orange shorts, and various other accessories.

US$19.43. I’m quite sure the patrons of Hooters will pay to see a little less.  

PS: Personally, I’m not quite in favor of having to pay for one’s own uniform. It’s like paying the company for a priviledge to work.

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Airport Announcements

AirportsOn Airport announcements – I’m not sure whether I should be simplistic and attribute this difference to East vs. West.

  • Most Airports in Asia: “This is the final boarding call for Mr. X. Please proceed to Gate 123 for boarding immediately”
  • Amsterdam Airport (which I just transited in): “Last call for Mr. X, you are delaying the flight. We will proceed to offload your luggage immediately.”

Image from NY Mag

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Cin’s Newsdesk: World Peace


The Nobel Peace Committee has awarded Obama the Peace Prize 2009, not for his achievements, but for bringing hope for mankind. An aspirational win.

This will certainly bring much hope to aspiring beauty queens looking for another contest to compete in. Yes, the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, at least they would not have to relearn their inspirational phrase of “I hope for world peace”.

Credits: Sascalia

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Cin’s Newsdesk: Height of Folly

Short workers

French politicians are considering stamping a health warning on photographs of models which are digitally enhanced to fight the warped images that women have of their bodies. According to the politicians, “These images can make people believe in a reality that often does not exist”

Evidently, the French prefers to do thing au naturel. Just ask President Sarkozy, who instead of digitally altering his height, prefers to have shorter staff standing behind him as he gives speeches.

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