Week 31/11 – Legacy

The biggest news affecting the company was released today. It shook the world, and I found out via a facebook status update. So did most of my colleagues – who read it on google news, yahoo news, facebook as well.

Sure, there’s some corridor chatter, and water-cooler talks, but it’s strangely quiet and calm – no word/email from corporate. A normal day at work. Everyone’s huddled at their work station, continuing with the daily grind. Life goes on. Stuff still needs to be done.

But I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

His biggest legacy was not in building the best products, but in creating a system and institutionalizing processes that can continue to run even without him at the control button.

If we had all descended into chaos today, I think I would have been more afraid and he would have failed as a leader.



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