Week 24/11: Catching up

Been catching up on my reading for the past week:

  • 4 weeks worth of Newsweek and Businessweek;
  • June issue of  Havard Business Review;
  • S. Jayakumar’s “Diplomacy” (a farewell gift from my colleagues);
  • Gerald Giam’s “Singapore Version 2.0” (I was rather surprised that the Museum Shop carried this title so I bought a copy)
  • The 1st of Inspector Singh’s Series titled “A most peculiar Malaysian murder” (I chanced upon this series in the Singapore Collection in the National Library. Sure, it’s not as sophisticated as the “western thrillers”, but it’s written with a distinct Singapore flair. Will probably pick up the other books in the series.)

Also picked up another 8 books from the library, including the ever-favorites thrillers from John Grisham and Tess Gerritsen and my favorite Aussie chick-lit writer Maggie Alderson.

That should keep me away from the DVD shop for a while. Too much TV kills the brain cells…


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