Week 18/11: Wilderness

82 seats contested, 82 winners, 82 losers.

It’s easy to be a winner. The path is clear. They engage your constituents. They conduct the meet-the-people’s session. They raise issues in parliament. All with the hope of securing another win in the next elections.

But what of the losers? It’s almost like being in political wilderness for the next long 5 years. What do they do in-between? Walk the ground, but with no expectations that the constituency may continue to be there 5 years down the road? So what motivates the losing candidates to try and try again to contest 5 years, 10 years later?

I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s a dash of idealism and passion somewhere in the mix.

At the very least, I shall make an effort to shake their hands, or buy a newsletter from them when they come around the hawker centres during meal times. Perhaps, the handshake or the small donation may just keep their flame burning a little brighter and sustain them until the next elections roll around.

And that’s the very least we can do as voters.


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