Week 13/11: In Control

12 years after getting my driver’s license, I finally moved from the passenger seat to learning to take control of the wheel.

The passenger seat is a nice place to be. I can stare out of the windows, day-dream, nap while I’m being driven around.

Learning to be the driver after 12 long years is a hard thing to do. Damn, which way does the car goes if I do a reverse turn to the right? What exactly should I be looking out for when I check the mirror? How do I gauge when a turn should be made? How do I ever make it out to the main roads when I’m mounting kerbs in a rarely used open-air car park?

But like any new experience in life, taking the first step is always the hardest, isn’t it? It can only get easier, no? What’s important is making that decision to steer yourself into a direction of your own choosing by taking control of the steering wheel.

So I chose today to re-learn the ability to take control. And one day, I will feel the wind in my face as I speed down the expressway in my (dream) beetle cabriolet.

Image source: Etsy


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