Week 11/11: Nothing’s better than….

Homemade “Tortelli” Pasta filled with Lamb and Cold Balsamic Sabayon (Diego Chiarini, OSO Ristorante)

Braised Beef, Aromatic Charcoal, Fresh Herbs and Mustard (Andre Chiang, Andre)

Roasted Quail with Parma Ham & Mushroom Stuffing, Celreriac Mash (Francois Mermilliod, Absinthe)

Lightly Salted Cod, Shellfish and Fresh Hazelnut (Frederic Colin, Brasserie Les Saveurs)

Medley of Duck with Mashed Potato & Mustard Emulsion (Julien Bompard, Le Saint Julien)

Sea Bass with 4 Textures of Cauliflower (Ryan Clift, The Tippling Club)

Crispy Hazelnut Chocolate Tart, Sweet Dough (Laurent Bernard, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier)

Rocher Magnums. Salty Caramel (Janice Wong, 2am:dessert bar)


The menu of the 8-course degustation today, cooked by 8 different chefs from 8 different restaurants. It was nice, but nothing beats the fishball meepok dry supper.


And nothing beats spending time with Mr. Cinical shopping at Ikea and the supermarket in between eats.

Happy Birthday Darling.



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