Week 8/11: Viva La Hong Kong!

I’m in Hong Kong for the long weekend to attend the wedding of one of Mr. Cinical’s friend. Call it also an extended weekend holiday for myself!

  • This is my 4th time in HK and I like the sense of comfortable familiarity with this city. Yes, I’m still a tourist, but I know instinctively how to navigate the alleys, I walk purposefully to the correct exits in the MTR, I know which malls/restaurants I like going to. I’m less reliant on the tourist map. But I still struggle with understanding Cantonese.


  • I must rave about the hotel I’m staying in. It’s called “Jia”, a boutique hotel in Causeway Bay. There are some hotels that makes you feel like you don’t even want to get out of. “Jia” makes me feel this way – it feels like home.


  • I think the biggest contrast between Singapore and Hong Kong is that Singapore is more planned and pruned, while Hong Kong is more haphazard or more organic in its development. I love that Hong Kongers live, work and play in the same area, with the commercial & the residential side-by-side, while Singapore prefers clear delineation. It’s interesting to see the entrance of luxury-brand shop, “Shanghai Tang” located right next to the cobbler, by the alley of Exit D (Central MTR), or the Gage street market with its fresh meat and produce in the heart of the Soho clubbing district.


  • Hong Kong weddings are riotous and fun! The one I went to had lion dancing, mahjong playing sessions, and even karaoke!. There’s also tons of food, 12 courses, as opposed to the 8-10 courses in a typical Singaporean Chinese wedding dinner.


  • Apart from the wedding, one of the highlights of the trip was chancing upon the 打小人 festival in Yau Ma Tei, a distinctly much more local part of Hong Kong, where you can pay a middle-aged auntie/lady to hit a paper figurine of a person that’s making trouble for you. It’s supposed to rid you of bad luck.

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