Week 5/11: Husbands, Wives, Money

  • I think men and women tend to spend their money differently. Men tend to spend their money on a single big ticket item, like an expensive car, which is equivalent to about 90, NINETY!!! luxury branded handbags. Women, on the other hand, go for quantity – luxury brands or mass brands notwithstanding.
  • There is absolute truth in the saying “If a man can’t change his wife, he changes his car instead“. I wonder which wise man or woman said this. I can’t seem to find a google link to this. And yes, the result of the car versus share buy-back debate was that Mr. Cinical bought himself a new car (not the Z4!). And he has been gushing on and on about it. I actually haven’t seen the car yet. I reserve my rights to choose the color though. 🙂
  • I had flagged out WSJ’s “The gender of money” earlier in this week as an interesting article to share. Funny how the major events of my life this week coincided with money. Or perhaps it’s just a spurious correlation. I chanced upon this article as I was surfing the Spousonomics Blog about how economic principles (division of labor, pareto efficiency etc) may be used to “master love, marriage and dirty dishes”. It’s just the type of book that appeals to me! I have placed an order for this book and can’t wait for it to arrive. Perhaps I can learn to quarrel better (I mean, manage my marriage /Mr Cinical better) ! Ha.
  • Also read the WSJ’s article “How to Nag Effectively” by Paula Szuchman, incidentally, also the co-author of Spousonomics. Proven: People respond to incentives mixed with a combination of division of labor (according to comparative advantage) to achieve pareto efficiency.

I can’t stand messiness, while Mr. Cinical can’t stand dirtiness, but we both like shopping for the house. Hence:

  1. He takes out the trash, settles the newspaper recycling and buys expensive cars (okay, car).
  2. I’m in charge of the laundry, general tidying up (*I give a concession to his work-desk which is perpetually messy) and online-shops on a (very) regular basis.
  3. We outsource the general cleaning once a week to improve our standard of life (clean toilets!).
  4. We reward ourselves by doing the weekly grocery shopping together – an activity that we both enjoy.


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