Life with a Law Student: Of Cars & Share Buyback

I think Mr. Cinical is facing a mid-life crisis of sorts or perhaps he has ran out of (new) gadgets to entertain himself with. I have been assaulted these few days by his begs, pleas, threats, bribes about us getting a new car. A car which we can ill-afford. A car also known as the BMW Z4.

Take 1 (Appeal to the Heart)

Me: It’s still a NO…We can’t afford it..Blah Blah…expensive…crazy..Blah Blah.

Mr. Cinical (with bright pleading eyes): You know, I have never asked you for anything ever since we have been together.

Me: No. You asked for my hand in marriage, don’t you remember?

Mr. Cinical: Argggggggggghhhh! No!!!


Take 2 (Attempt at a more rational approach)

Mr. Cinical: You know, I’m not technically asking you to okay the purchase of the car.

Me: What do you mean?

Mr. Cinical: Think of it as a stock buyback. The company usually has to seek the Board of Director’s Approval before a stock repurchase. But this approval given doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will exercise it.

Me: That means it’s still conditional upon my approval right? It’s still a no.





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