Week 3/11: To Hell & Back

Even NY Times has an article about people like me posting up their resolutions online (and tracking them). By opening declaring your resolutions (e.g. weekly blog post challenge), it apparently increases the price of failure, as you get judged by your friends. So I Resolve. World, Don’t Fail me Now.

It’s all about work this week….

  • When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Darn right! It’s been a hell work week with 12/13 hour days and pressing deadlines. I kept myself sane by leaving the office at 5.30pm on Wednesday for dinner and drinks with a friend. Who knew just walking away could be so simple? And who knew that the early escape on a Wednesday could be so darn effective to give me the additional drive to finish up most things on Thursday and Friday. I should try this more often.
  • Hard conversations.I have been on both receiving and initiating ends this week. Tough, but that what’s growing up is all about isn’t it? You HAVE to say/listen to things that you don’t want to. And I have realized, the harder the conversation’s going to be, the more important it is to get it over and done with. If not, you are just stuck with that heavy feeling in your heart. Sure, you burn bridges, as I invariably did, but oh well, “may the bridges I burn light the way”.

Some other interesting stuff from around the web.

  • Bookshelf porn. If I ever move to a new house, I want a reading room, filled with books and a comfy couch. In fact, I want a new shelf now. My current shelf is filled and my newly acquired books are lying around waiting for a home. [Credit: Picture is lifted from website]
  • An absolutely brilliant article : Don’t date a girl who reads. I concur.

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