Week 2/11: It’s all about Perspectives

This weekly blog challenge isn’t a bad thing. I can feel myself  attempting to make an effort to keep my eyes and ears out for inspiration, rather than going through the motions of daily life.

  • Dinner and Drinks with Ms. F and Ms. K. There’s nothing quite like sharing different perspectives on life, work, men, relationships with friends. I can’t quite remember all we said, but I think one went like, “I think we are having a mid-life crisis.”/”No, we are just on the crossroads of attempting to discover something better for ourselves.”
  • Loving this Work is Not a Job Blog. These posters are amazing. A personal take on job versus work – A job is what you do to earn money, but work is a craft you honed. You get better at it the more effort you put into it. It extends beyond the necessary skills needed to do your job better, it’s also about what you do and how you do it so that you can live life better. [Credits: Picture above is lifted from the blog as well. Check out the print shop! ]
  • I like how Seth Godin always manages to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, like this one about uncashed cheques in wallets as opportunities not realized. I think it’s about time I clear out my wallet.
  • I surprised myself by finishing 2 of Patrick Lencioni’s books this week. One was about how to overcome silos in organizations (Silos, Politics and Turf Wars) and the other was about how to become a better consultant (Getting naked*).  I like how he presents concepts in the form of short stories. They are almost like Aesop Fables for adults, i.e. less of a preach about what’s right/wrong, but leaves one to discover what could be best.

*figuratively of course, not literally. Haha.


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