Week 1/11: The Start

Ducks waddling in Bali’s padi fields (Photo: January 2011)

For one who declares that she loves writing*, I’m quite lazy about actually getting down to it. I clocked a total of 54 posts in 2010, an average of 1 a week. Not dismal, but not great either.

And yes, despite that one of my 2011’s resolution is to write MORE, I logged on to wordpress today for the first time in 2011 and chanced upon the “A Post A Day/A Post A Week” challenge.

I know it’s week 2 of 2011 so that’s probably a sign that I should get that resolution going.

Knowing that I’m that type of person who needs a concrete goal to work towards (just like how I sign up for mass 5km runs to get myself to exercise), this challenge for writing seems right for me. I’ll start slow, a post a week (at least to fulfill challenge quota) plus my typical load. If all goes well, I may be able to hit up to 100 posts for 2011 (New Goal?).

Nothing specific I want to write about for A Post A Week, but inspired by the radio (Class 95FM) where the DJs talk the few things that brought a smile to their faces each day, I thought I might want to use this weekly post to write down the things in that week that made me smile or think, or something new that I have learnt or am inspired by.

  • Ms. J’s post-it reminders from friends to self. It was her 2011 project to solicit honest feedback from friends. I need to work on that “Do not roll eyes” advice too. Years ago, Ms J and I used to sit across the meeting room from each other, rolling our eyes to comments bordering on stupidity. Ms. J kindly reminded me that my “rolling eyes” was internal and hers was external. I used to have to mutter under my breath, “Don’t roll eyes, don’t roll eyes…”
  • Did anyone catch Heston’s Feasts on BBC Lifestyle? Heston Blumenthal, of 3-Michelin star fame for The Fat Duck Restaurant showcases his skills in creating the most magical feasts ever. I caught Season 2 (Episode 1) where he recreated the world of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, completed with chocolate waterfalls, lickable wallpapers. Yummy. I think I need to start the “Eating at the Fat Duck” Fund. In the meantime, I’ll reread Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and watch old Youtube videos of Heston’s Feasts Season 1.
  • That WSJ article on the superiority of the Chinese style of parenting. On reflection, I’m glad for the parenting style of my mum. Sure, she was the typical Chinese parent that did not allow me to play at the playground with what she called the neighborhood riff-raff. She was concerned about my grades and wanted more than anything for me to do well in school, but she didn’t push me too hard. She gave me time to be myself, to play with paper dolls and indulge in books. She was disappointed when I did not turn out to be like a math/science whiz or receive top academic awards, but she came to terms with it. And funnily, she stopped me from pursuing violin based on a hare-brained superstitious belief that it will leave a black patch on my neck(!!??)
  • The talk-back session with the actors from the play “Model Citizens” (part of the ongoing M1 Fringe Festival). I can’t remember the exact question from the floor, but I was inspired by the actress, Karen Tan’s conviction and dedication to her craft when she said, “It’s my job. It needs to mean something.” Don’t we all wish we had that level of passion and dedication to something? Anything? That serves as a higher purpose to keep us going?
  • Funny, this is turning out to be a longer post than I thought it would. But I should stop. I quote Haruki Marukami (What I talk about when I talk about running) on what keeps him going as a writer, “I stop every day/night at the point where I can write more”.

To a better week ahead.

*loves writing: No correlation whatsoever to quality of writing. My dismal blog stats attest.


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