2010 in Review: Part 4 (On Life)

Final part! On Life

  • Convinced that if I stare at the Asian Food Channel long enough, I will be a great cook. Or morph into potato. The crouch kind.
  • It’s a yearly ritual of indulgence. A box of champagne truffle mooncakes all to myself.
  • Some days, you run, the wind is in your sail. You fly, as light as the wind. Some days, your legs are made of heavy lead, dragging you back.
  • I always have such grand plans for Sat morning, till I wake up to find that it’s almost noon.
  • Friday night, home alone. A leisurely jog, smoked duck salad dinner, a stack of unread newspaper. Bliss!
  • 5km Shape Run tomorrow. Just looking at the route map makes my knees weak. Only motivating factor is the huge brekkie after. Ooo Bacon!
  • 5km. 37m 37s. I sprinted in the last 10m.
  • 62% dark milk chocolate with fleur de sel: this is what life should taste like, a wondrous mix of sweet, salty, bitter.

Stock-take 2010: Clocked personal best timing of 36mins at the 5km Great Eastern Women’s run! [Pats self on back]

Discovered a great place for salads at the Green Bar in Raffles Place. It has become my default go-to place to get a take-away if I have to dine alone and want to eat in the comfort of my home. It’s an attempt to keep that high cholesterol in check.

Made friends with Video-easy DVD Rental Man. Now, I get the newest release on priority and he knows my rental account number without me having to dig that little card out. Hurrah!

Plans for 2011: I’m not one to keep resolutions of the “I will do [something] at least once a week” variety, so rather I have wrote down key words (not in order of priority) that I’ll like to do more of in 2011:

Write, Read, Learn, Move, Create, Happy, Healthy

Post-script: I just realised that all my choices of words are verbs! The element in a sentence conveying action or a state of existence. Maybe it’s also a subtle sign that it’s up to me to make these things happen. Good sign, I think!


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