2010 in Review: Part 2 (On People)

Here comes Part 2 (on People)! The most incriminating ones (involving cursing and swearing) not published, for obvious reasons.

  • With people, there is no method to their madness. No wonder most prefer to deal with figures (numerical kind), rather than human kind.
  • It’s better to be too tired from doing too much work as opposed to being tired from managing too big egos.
  • Still young-at-heart enough to have fun, but too old to work late.
  • Choice of toe-nail colour reflects mood. My nude-coloured fingers say (grudgingly) that I’m ready for work. But my shocking bright pink coloured toes hidden beneath my black heels scream for the weekend.

Stocktake 2010: Worked on some exciting projects at work and discovered innate talent for making sense of mathematical formulas. Surprise surprise, given that I failed mathematics since age 15.

Also realized that ability to understand math (MQ) is higher than ability to understand people (EQ). A compliment or an insult? Still figuring that out.

Plans for 2011: (Continue to) get off work early (via diabolical plans to push work to colleagues). It’s called “delegation”, darlings.

Perhaps find new career direction as budding mathematician?

Work on improving EQ. Be more patient. People, like math, takes time to understand.


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