2010 in Review: Part 1 (On Shopping & Overspending)

It’s that time of the year again when we reflect on the ups and downs of 2010!  The joys, the laughter, the emotional lows and highs all captured via my Facebook /Twitter status updates in 2010. I had a good laugh re-reading my status!

This is presented in 4 parts… starting with my favourite on Shopping and Overspending.

  • My problem lies in reconciling my gross habit of over-spending with my net income.
  • For most, belief in minimalism seems to be confined to the fashion-style variant as opposed to it being a way of life.
  • “I don’t feel 31. I feel like 18, but with more money” (quote from Audrey).
  • Woman: One who can stare at at least 10 work-appropriate black dresses all bought specifically for the “I have nothing to wear occasions” and utter the same exact phase. Argh, I need some colour.
  • More than half the shoppers in Forever 21 are/look at least a decade older, including yours truly. It’s either that the inner lian never grows up, or we just stop evolving from age 21.
  • Bought the glam dress version of the skinny jeans. The type where you have to hold your breath for a few seconds before zipping it up. You look into the mirror and marvelled, “oh what a flat tummy I have.” It’s all an illusion, but I’m sold.

Stocktake 2010: Bought new (physical) wardrobe at start of the year. Discovered work appropriate black dresses at a hole-in-wall shop in Raffles Place. Bought more than 10 black dresses in 1 year. Mr. Cinical now calls me the “black widow”. 

Discovered a whole new dimension of crossborder transactions known as online shopping (ASOS!). New favourite phrase is “free shipping”.

Pleased to report that said new wardrobe is filled to the brim. Shoe cupboard overstocked as well! (Yippee! 2010 resolution met!).

Plans for 2011: Resolve to curb habit of overspending. Or resolve to earn more money. Whichever is easier.

Repeat mantra to self: minimalism is in. (As in way of life, not fashion style).

Reminder: Cut up credit card (as per this year’s resolution).


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