Life with a Law Student: Right of Pre-emption

“Right of Pre-emption”, as it applies in law: The right to acquire certain property/shares etc in preference to another person, i.e. you have the right of first refusal.


“Right of pre-emption”, as it applies in relationships:

Me: “I’m having dinner with my friend tomorrow (Friday), so do settle your own dinner plans.”

Mr. Cinical (wide grin): “Yes!”

Me (suspicious): “Why are u grinning? You had plans already? Who are you meeting? Where are you going?”

Mr. Cinical: “Oh, I was just thinking about the concept of the “right of pre-emption”. See, it’s a default that I’ll have dinner with you on a Friday night and that offer was on the table. But since you refused to have dinner with me on Friday, it means that I’m free to make my own plans.”


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