Life with a Law Student: Prosecution/Defense

Mr. Cinical had invited me to volunteer as a witness for his trial advocacy class. Hmm, a way to demonstrate my theatrical talents of acting as an 40-year old house-husband who happened to see the accused walloping some poor chap with high-heeled steel Manolo Blahniks.  He was going through with me the procedures for the witness examination.

As he went on, I realised that there’s a lot of similarities between a Court case and a Couple’s quarrel. Really.

Court Case

The Prosecution is expected to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused indeed was the person committing the crime.

Defense Counsel will then create reasonable doubt that the accused did it. Depending on which side Counsel is on, the questions and the points raised will either credit or discredit you as a witness.

Couple’s Quarrel

The Prosecution (person who starts the quarrel) will always go, “Why do you ALWAYS do this? Refer to this time (a), this time (b) and this time (c).” or “You NEVER do this! Refer to that time (a), that time (b) and that time (c)”

Whilst the Defense will immediately react, “No, you forget about this time (d), this time (e) and this time (f)! You are UNREASONABLE.”


But unlike a Court case where a Judge listens to both sides and makes a binding judgement, the couple’s quarrel often ends with one side apologising (note, this does not equivocally mean an admission of guilt of either’s part).

And that’s probably why a couple’s quarrel typically revolve around the same unresolved issues.  Such is life.


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