Life with a Law Student: The Minority Shareholder

Mr. Cinical: Let’s go downstairs to grab dinner. We need to have a quick bite, if not we’ll be late for the event.

Me: Oh, but I want to eat at this place. It’s on the way right?

Minutes passed – argument as to where to eat.

Mr. Cinical: Ok then, let’s go with your suggestion. Argh, it’s like I’m a minority shareholder in this relationship. You are the epitome of what I call “the tyranny of the majority”.  It’s oppression.


Mr Cinical: I learnt today that all corporate decisions should be taken in the interest of the company as a whole. Do you know it means?

Me: Oh yes, in the interest of the majority of course! We need to assume that the majority does make decisions in the best interest of the company. Like in this relationship.



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