Parisian Macaroons/Scottish Whisky

It’s not a bad dilemma to be in. In fact, I’m rather thankful to be in a situation which can give rise to such a dilemma.

 I recently bought an air ticket for myself to London, on a whim. Or rather, a whim led by a stroke of coincidence.

 I realised that Singapore Airlines was having promotional fares for London, which came 2 days after Ms. J’s comment of “London beckons” to my rather uninspiring FB status update about my bright pink nails screaming for the weekend. Dates also happened to coincide with Ms. F who’s trotting down to London from Germany for a week-long course. And so, to London, I go. 

 So far, straight forward.

The dilemma is about where I should go and what I should do, for my lone trip out of London during the week. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices.

 Parisian macaroons or Scottish Whisky?

 It’s like taking those personality type quizzes in women’s magazines.

“If you have a free evening after work, will you rather:

(a) Stay and home, watch click flicks, belting out “All by Myself”, a la Bridget Jones, or

(b) Go shopping, chalk up a mountain of credit card bills, a la Becky in Shopaholic series

(c)….. You get the idea.

 I can’t decide whether I prefer karaoke-ing alone or buying up an entire store. It depends, really.

 Between Paris & Edinburgh, it’s like deciding whether I prefer to be sipping coffee and nibbling on macaroons in an oh-so-fabulously-stylish trench coat in Ladurée, or running on the rolling hills of the Highland, downing a shot of single malt whisky in my grubby GAP sweater.

 And the scary funny thing is that I am happy and comfortable with either choice made. They are both rather, urm, me.  

 Perhaps, I am just (too) many personalities rolled into one. Not too bad for a lone traveller – I can entertain myself while travelling alone. Ha.


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