Life with a Law Student: Strict Liability

Phone call from Mr. Cinical.

Mr. Cinical: “Hey, I have put all your clothes into the washing machine. Is there any special instructions before I switch the machine on?”

Me: “Urmmm, the clothes need to go into a laundry bag first, and I use the delicate wash mode.”

Mr. Cinical: “Sounds complicated.”

Me: “It’s alright. I can do the laundry when I get home.”


Facing pile of unwashed laundry in washing machine and spying my silk dresses inside.

Me: “I really appreciate you attempting to help me with my laundry, but you do know that I’m gonna scream if you actually switch that machine on with the silk dresses inside right?

And what made you call to check in the first place?”

Mr. Cinical: “I had good intentions and then I read about the concept of strict liability. The responsibility for damages even if the person responsible did not intend for it to happen. I figured it’s gonna apply.”


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