Life with a Law Student: Litigious Fairyland

Post the Snow White Trials, Fairyland’s getting more litigious!
(or that Mr. Cinical’s readings for Legal Research are getting more interesting).

The Frog v The Princess: Where the Frog Prince sued the Princess for battery, ‘coz Princess flung the frog (hard) against the window ledge. Notwithstanding that this had the effect of breaking the spell, returning the Frog back to his princely form.

[Note: Wasn’t the frog looking for someone to kiss him so that he could turn back into a Prince. He got his wish, isn’t it? Focus on the ends, not the means!]

The Pea Princess v Simmons Pte Ltd: Where Princess sued the Mattress company for pain and suffering caused by a pea intentionally placed under 100 mattresses.

[Note: I would have thought she would have sued the Queen for deliberately putting the pea under 100 mattresses to test if she was a real princess. But oh well, I guess she can’t, since the Queen became her mum-in-law. I meant, she did marry that Prince and they lived “happily ever after”, isn’t it? Guess intra-family law suits aren’t part of the “happily ever after” package then. And what’s a “real” princess anyway? Someone who goes around during stormy nights looking for accommodation?]

Estate of Achilles v Thetis: Where Estate of Achilles sued Thetis (aka Archilles’ mom) for battery and negligence by not dipping his heel in the River of Styx (whose waters will strip away human weakness) while Achilles was still a baby. Thetis held him by a heel while dipping him in the Styx.

[Note: So much for not having intra-family lawsuits. But what would you have expected Thetis to do? Hold up Achilles with a pitch-fork, while dipping him in the Styx?]


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