Life with a Law Student: Snow White Trial #2


The Snow White Trial continues…

If you are interested my musings of the 1st trial, i.e.  Snow White v The Queen, click here.

And so, this week, Snow White, despite her revival by Prince Charming, displays her prudish side by suing the Prince for battery for “unwanted touching” when he kissed her to wake her.

Mr. Cinical: “In fairy land, it is a fact that people who falls in a magical sleep by poison can be awaken with a kiss. But Snow White was dead. So there was no reason to kiss her.”

Me: “No, Snow White was not dead. Haven’t you read the fairy tale before? The poisoned apple was stuck in her throat, and she was maybe, in some sort of coma. Anyway, she did not decompose. So Prince assumed she was in a magical sleep and kissed her.”

No resolution until I decided to pick up Grimm Brothers’ Snow White. I figured reading the original version might give me more insight.

It turns out that the Prince did not kiss her! Prince saw Snow White in a glass coffin (dwarfs have presumed her dead) and was so charmed by her beauty that he begged the dwarfs to let him have the coffin. Dwarfs agreed and in the midst of transporting coffin, they tripped over a tree-stump and the poisonous piece of apple dislodged itself from her throat. Upon waking, Prince asked her to marry him.

Damn, I’m not sure whether I’m more disturbed by the fact that I’m confusing my fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty was where they kissed right?) or the fact that Snow White was 7 years old when this happened.  

Oh, and in the end, the Queen was forced to wear some red-hot shoes of iron and she danced till she dropped dead.

I think I’m re-reading Grimm Brothers again.


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