Cin’s Newsdesk: Productivity & Bee!

A tongue-in-chic take on (Singapore) news of the day…

The government has recently released the recommendations of the Economic Strategies Committee, with a view on charting Singapore’s economic future.

To promote the initiative of  productivity growth in Singapore,  Teamy, the Productivity Bee, who had his hey-days in the 1980s has been invited out of retirement to be champion this campaign.

Teamy gushed: “Of course I am honored to be invited back after 30 years. Having me as the spokesperson also fits in well with the government’s plans to have older workers like me, to stay longer in the workforce.”

Don’t expect the bee to rest in his hive. He has plans to transform himself to connect with the workers of today. In the improved version 2.0, he will be known as “Bumble-Bee, the Transformer”.

Just as fashion recycles itself every decade or so, buzzwords (no pun intended) in governance does too!


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