Life with a Law Student: Snow White Trials

For one of Mr. Cinical’s legal research class, they had to make their arguments in defense of the Queen, or for Snow White. Essentially, Snow White, having been revived by Prince Charming, has accused the Queen of attempted murder and brought a civil action for damages against the Queen on that basis.

Mr. Cinical was supposed to be defending the Queen.

In midst of preparation…

Mr. Cinical: “So, what arguments do you think will get her off attempted murder?”

Me (after watching too much Ally Mcbeal/Boston Legal): “Plead insanity. That woman is a nut-case, evidently. Come on, she talks to mirrors. Which sane person you know talks to mirrors, except maybe if they are singing in an attempt to imitate some singer?”

Mr. Cinical: “Hmm, pleading insanity is good. But we can’t use talking to mirrors as supporting evidence. In fairyland, we have to assume mirrors can talk…”

At press time, Mr Cinical was still in search of supporting evidence to defend the Queen.

Next week, more fun stuff. Snow White, despite her revival by Prince Charming, displays her prudish side by suing the Prince for battery for “unwanted touching” when he kissed her to wake her

I’ll never look at fairy tales the same way again….



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5 responses to “Life with a Law Student: Snow White Trials

  1. stressed out student

    isn’t it obvious … blame the mirror! The mirror made the poor, innocent Queen do it!

  2. Re his topic next week, there is quite a real problem of doctors, even bystanders, being reluctant to be good samaritans in times of emergencies because of the perceived possibility of being sued for negligence when the victim later dies, becomes paralysed etc. See for instance this:

  3. The less litigious UK (and presumably Singapore) position (courts seem to have never ruled in favour of victims who sue):

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