Life with a Law Student: Legal Positivism and Wiki

One of Mr. Cinical’s classes this semester is on Legal Theories – a compulsory module required for 1st year law students. He absolutely dislikes the readings.

Mr Cinical: So what exactly is Hart trying to say? (exasperated after attempting to digest the readings)

Me: Hart belongs to the legal positivism school. Legal positivism postulates that law and morality are separate concepts. So a law can be valid even if it is not “moral”, blah blah blah….

Mr. Cinical: And where did you get the information from?

Me: From wikipedia. 🙂

Mr. Cinical: I’m going to take whatever you say with a pinch of salt.

Me: But I do sound convincing, don’t I?

Mr. Cinical: Yeah… I think I will just try to sound convincing in class then. I just need to think that I’m right all the time.


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