Soft spot

Italy Cat 1

I have a soft spot for cats. My companion as a kid was a little black cat belonging to my grandfather. According to my mum, my first word was “cat”.

Recently, I found that there were another 2 stray cats (a black/grey stripped tabby and a grey/white tom-cat who refuses any advances), in addition to a ginger-color feline in my neighborhood. It’s nice to come back to the estate, stroke and play with them for a bit before going home to dinner.

Photo credits: Ms. F. She took this of me stroking the cat in Cinque Terra, Italy.

PS: Unfortunately, in Singapore, it’s illegal to keep cats as pets in public housing estates, so most stray (aka community) cats in public estates are fed and maintained by a group of volunteers. They are allowed to roam freely within the estate. The Cat Welfare Society in Singapore also sponsors the sterilisation of community cats, given that one of the main cause of putting down cats here is due to their rapid breeding. You can read more in the FAQ section here.


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