Cin’s Newsdesk: Hooters


2 Hooters waitress are bringing Hooters to court, for making them pay for their uniforms at the cost of US$19.43 for a skimpy tank, bright orange shorts, and various other accessories.

US$19.43. I’m quite sure the patrons of Hooters will pay to see a little less.  

PS: Personally, I’m not quite in favor of having to pay for one’s own uniform. It’s like paying the company for a priviledge to work.


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  1. You may be interested to know that in England, there was a female barrister who tried to deduct expenses for her black suits as expenses in the course of trade (barristers are self-employed) and took the Inland Revenue to court. Her argument was clever and reasonable – courts require black suits and I would not wear these black suits other than for purposes of appearing in court. I didn’t read the actual judgment but it seems that although the House of Lords were sympathetic to her, they dismissed her appeal so as not to open a floodgate.

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